Dutch techno producer DJ Misjah makes a welcome return to the music industry
after several years of absence. His status took off and sky-rocketed during
the nineties with numerous successful releases on Dutch techno imprint
X-Trax. After being involved in the daily label management of X-Trax and
other imprints, Misjah took a step back from producing music but three years
after his latest offering, Misjah unleashes the brand new single 'Coruba',
released on Dutch label Selekted Music.

The X-Trax label and its sub label X-Trax Sub was set up in 1995 and has
been run by Misjah (real name: Mischa van der Heiden) ever since. X-Trax
vastly gained an international reputation and was considered one of the
leading and most influential labels in the techno genre. The X-Trax
catalogue harbors a string of international hit records such as Trippin Out
(Misjah & Groovehead), The Club (Digital Express) and Access (DJ Misjah & DJ
Tim), of which Access even made it to the top 10 of the UK Single Top 75.
Even A-list producers such as Ferry Corsten - under his Exiter and The
Tellurians guises - and the infamous Umek found a home for their early
productions by signing to X-Trax. In 2000, Misjah retired from handling the
daily business for X-Trax and started his new label ReRun Records.

To be able to focus on his mastering and audio service company 24Mastering,
Misjah made the decision to take down his production level a few notches in
2007. However, Misjah discovered that true love never dies, especially when
it comes to music. Compared to his former productions which are techno
orientated, Misjah shows his raw electro side on his new single Coruba. In
the good tradition of Misjah productions, his creative brainwaves always
contains a raw edge and Coruba is no exception. Straight after the 2010
Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) where the track was presented, Coruba shot into
the post-ADE UK Buzz Charts to be one of the "thirty hottest ADE 2010

"After years of concentrating on my mastering company focusing on the
technical side of things music-wise for other labels and producers, it
started to itch again. Over the years, I created some rough ideas for new
tracks and in a spur of the moment, I decided to finish one of these roughs,
resulting in Coruba. The UK Buzz Chart position for Coruba proves I didn't
become rusty over the years!", says Misjah. Artists such as Judge Jules,
Diplo, Nic Fanciulli, Billy Nasty, The Scumfrog, Bad Boy Bill, Alex You and
more underline that proof as they all show support for the electro monster
that is Coruba.

Check Misjah - Coruba here on YouTube:

Misjah - Coruba is worldwide released by Selekted Music and is available for
downloads on a.o. iTunes, Beatport, Dance-Tunes and all major portals

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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