Sullivan Room Records is an unconventionally set up label that will reflect on a wealthy 12 year history as New York City’s longest running underground House and Techno institution, as well as its current direction.

“The label is an outlet not associated with today’s latest trends created by ever growing EDM world…” “It will give way to the new generation of rising talent as well as the veterans who have already painted the path and continue to do so, a format which we supported all this time”…

All of the artists on the label, whether well known or not have a connection through the Sullivan Room dance floor, the support of the founders, the fans and will always be driven by sound not bias trends or hip brands. The direction and genres released on the label are diverse in the realm of House and Techno, as any artists knows, “when you have history behind you, the history will reflect the diversity of your sound…”

Sullivan Room Records intergrades the mentality of an independent record store shopping by introducing a series of “Sullivan Room Record Crates” released with 10 exclusive singles as “picks”, with limited 12” vinyl pressings. Through this concept it emphasizing the music it stands for, versus marketing of fame associated with given artists.

The record label will musically expose the sounds of Sullivan Room by releasing EPs, which feature artists and music of its events, such as “PROPAGANDA!” and “SOUP”… bringing the records played on its dance-floor to the world.

As we celebrate 12 years of Sullivan Room later this year, we are happy to celebrate the next chapter with us…

Thank you all for the support, the love, we hope you guys enjoy!

-“MEANDISCO” Gene & “SR” Serge (aka Grass Is Greener)



The crate clearly focuses on the artists at the forefront of New York underground community with a binding history with Sullivan Room, each with his own story. Sullivan Room’s burning desire to showcase the artists that came from the depths of the legendary venues symbolic for the first release of the label. The crate exposes the technical skills of each artist, their influences, individuality and forward thinking. Just like the venue, and soon the label, these producers express what makes New York an electronic force and an underground powering beacon for the rest of the world. Trendy, popular, cool or not… the history,the experience and valiant accuracy of their direction are there to continue the unstoppable love of the art, the dance-floor and the music…





218 Sullivan Street New York City |

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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