Once in a while an album comes your way that blows the boundaries of music sky high.

With every harmony, every melody and every word, you feel it.

A true artist album is at hand; rare in our seemingly disposable dance music ‘track by track’ society, but here before you is an expressive, magnetic and exciting body of work.

A definitive moment in dance music has arrived.

This is Eleve11 from Sander van Doorn

Eleve11 is the album that will redefine what an artist album can be. Hauntingly beautiful and evocative songs, spine tingling buildups and breakdowns, emotionally charged vocals and the powerful and palatable kinetic musical energy of Sander van Doorn.

From the moment you hit play until the very last note is revealed, listeners will experience Sander on a brilliant new level.

With precision, he winds together his years of songwriting and production prowess into a masterful collection of music. Ever the perfectionist, you can bet that Eleve11 caries the sonic boom that will leave every Sander fan breathless, but also exposes the true genius of the artist within.

From groundbreaking vocal triumphs (Timezone, Eagles, Love is Darkness) to massive hook laden pleasures (Koko, Believe, Drink to Get Drunk), Eleve11 lays waste to any notion that artist and genre are synonymous. Sander has blurred the lines so seamlessly, for so long, that one has to wonder- was there ever a line to begin with?

Your “Ah-ha” moment will come as you lose yourself in the other worldly vocals of Frederick on ‘Timezone.’ With a buildup full of intensity and tension, Sander brings the poignant prose to its spectacular apex. You will feel it when he weeps, “But there ain’t no train going home, there is no soul to see me down that road.” Chills of perfection at no extra charge!

Eleve11 also features some impressive cameos from a few of Sander’s closest friends.

“Rolling the Dice,” is a monster collaboration with Sidney Samson and Nadia Ali. It retains all the visceral club energy of both Sander and Sidney with the sultry storytelling that only Nadia could provide. Bright driving melodies with just the right amount of punch will have listeners begging for more (and singing along).

‘Who’s Wearing the Cap’ is sure to be an instant fan favorite as two of the most prolific and talented electronic music producers unite! Laidback Luke lends his apt skill on this one for what can only be described as a musical tsunami! Can you tell them apart or were they separated at birth?

Of course, what would Eleve11 be without the original hits that have made Sander such a massive artist? Love is Darkness; the vocal masterpiece that opened the world’s eyes to Sander’s true songwriting ability is the only way to start the album. Followed closely by what some might say is his biggest anthem, Koko- who weaves her whistle happy, unforgettable hook and groove right in.

Sander van Doorn – 1

Status Quo – 0

Artist-Sander van Doorn
Release Date-September 19, 2011
Label-Ultra Records


1. Interlude // Love Is Darkness feat. Carol Lee

2. Koko

3. Believe
feat. Tom Helsen (album version)

4. Nano

5. Rolling The Dice
with Sidney Samson feat Nadia Ali (album version)

6. Beyond Sound
( Godskitchen Urban Wave mix)

7. Timezone
feat. Frederick

8. Drink To Get Drunk

9. Who’s Wearing the Cap
with Laidback Luke (album version)

10. Slap My Pitch Up

11 Eagles.
Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux

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