At 7pm the doors of Hammerstein Ballroom promptly opened where the sold out M83 show would be beginning shortly. This was a part of a back to back sold out show on Tuesday October 2nd, and Wednesday October 3rd, 2012. The lines moved quickly and the venue was prepared with several staff members to ensure a speedy entry. As I walked in a noticed several stations running contests and giving out Samsung promotional items as well as allowing you to test and play with the brand new Galaxy S III phones. Among the items given away were blue glowing sunglasses, blue glowing fans, and large drinking glasses which also emitted a blue light from the base. The crowd inside was completely glowing in blue as there were also blue ice cubes being given away with the purchase of a drink. There were several bars to choose from and plenty of friendly bartenders on staff as well.

The opening band was fantastic and really had a similar vibe to the type of music M83 is known for. The lighting coming off the stage was strategically placed creating patterns within the smoke filled air and serving a dual purpose and creating eye catching visuals in the rear of the venue were several people were seating.

There was a short intermission while the staging crew prepared the stage for M83 at about 830.When M83 took the stage the lighting set up got even more intense. It soon became a laser extravaganza unlike I have ever witnessed. This was a seated show so your ticket displayed the area in which you would be seated however you were also allowed to occupy dance floor space if you cared to. Looking over the crowd from above there was no empty spaces below to be seen. M83 performed crowd favorites such as “We Own The Sky”, “Graveyard Girl”, and of course no M83 performance would be complete without “Midnight City”.

We are extremely pleased that Hammerstein Ballroom has increased the frequency of music related events and New York should feel extremely fortunate to have a venue of its caliber and deep rooted history.

We reached out to Hammerstein for comment about the upcoming show. Sara-Jane Bennison the Director of Marketing and Sales said “We’re thrilled to be hosting such an innovative and progressive act. M83 is a perfect crossover between electronic, pop, and nostalgic rock, and the Hammerstein Ballroom perfectly complements their sound, which is both uplifting and dramatic.” We could not agree more!

The sound, the acoustics of the venue accompanied by the light show and atmosphere really made for an unforgettable experience.

As we exited with arm full’s of our blue glowing promotional gear we were pleasantly surprised that there was hot pizza being given away to all the patrons as they departed. The entire night was just too good to be true down to the staff courteously waving their goodbyes and thanking us for attending that evening.

As I walked down the block away from the venue I was already eagerly beginning to think of when I would visit next. That is exactly how you know a venue is doing an exceptional job at making their patrons feel comfortable and welcome.

Upcoming shows at Hammerstein Ballroom include Public Image Limited, Twins of Evil Tour with Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson, Primus 3D, Justice, Cat Power, Melissa, Etheridge, Nero, and more.

Review & Photography by Zaneta Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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