REVIEW: Dirty Vegas – Electric Love

Artist: Dirty Vegas

Album: Electric Love

Genre: House

Label: Om Records

Release Date: April 25th, 2011

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Steve Smith, Paul Harris, and Ben Harris otherwise known as the trio Dirty Vegas released their latest album “Electric Love” on Om Records April 25th, 2011. The band first got together in 2001 and released the single “Days Go By” (which I actually did not become familiar with till about a year) later followed by theire debut album “Dirty Vegas” in 2002. In 2004 they released the follow up to “Dirty Vegas” with the album entitled “One”, and sadly a year later the trio broke up and left many fans heartbroken.

The band reformed in 2008 and began working on some original productions and resumed performing together live in 2009. The album includes ten original productions that they began producing in 2008 through the current year varying from House, to Rock influenced dance, to Break beats. The album features topics like Breakups to make-ups and everything in between which makes it easy to identify with.

The opening track is entitled “Little White Doves”, at first distinguishing why the hook includes doves is unclear. The last track with a dove then I can think of is Prince’s “When Doves Cry”. Presumably because doves signify peace they are therefore saying, “we come in peace.” The style of the track reminds me a bit of The Killers. The track “Changes” has a nice fat guitar riff which adds to the oomph factor.

“Electric Love” this is the track the album is named after. It’s a bit houseier with a slight disco vibe. “Emma” is a melodic track with a feel good groove, which also has an 80’s tempo. I would describe it as the “Jenny 8675309” of 2011. “Pressure” comes in with a dreamy pad with nice echoed vocal effects and when the beat drops its unbelievably bouncy and exhilarating. What makes this track so impressive are the suppressed effects that require a trained ear to truly appreciate. This was the first track that Dirty Vegas recorded upon reuniting. Out of all the tracks on the album this is definitely the one that’s dance floor oriented with “Round and Round” coming in as a very close second. “Today” is a bit more somber in comparison to the rest of the tracks but every album has to have one of those doesn’t it?

Weekend has one of those unavoidably catchy lead synths and pleasant vocal effects with a dash of piano. It grabs your attention almost instantly. The topic is something most can relate to, party time on the weekends! My personal favorites on the album were “Pressure”, “Never Enough” “Weekend” and “21st Century”. What can I say? I’m a sucker for break beats and “21st Century” is arranged quite well.

My only gripe is that the songs are a bit short; however, the plus side is they don’t contain the usual minute or two of filler beats at the beginning and the end which makes them slightly harder to mix but for better for listening purposes since it keeps you interested. Hat’s off to you Dirty Vegas for delivering a well constructed selection of eclectic tunes.

Track List:

01. Little White Doves
02. Changes
03. Electric Love
04. Emma
05. Pressure
06. Round And Round
07. Today
08. Never Enough
09. Weekend
10. 21st Century

Review written by: Zaneta Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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