When posting please observe the following rules


  • Check the post for correct spelling, grammer and so on.
  • A minimum of one picture – this ensures our pages always have something to show if featured etc.
  • Use categories to determine the main placement of the post.
  • Only use ‘Featured’ for actual featured items, not run-of-the-mill-press releases
  • Tags are a MUST. As a minium tag
    • Relevant DJ names (Axwell, Richie Hawting etc)
    • Promoter name (Insomniac, Made, Ultra etc)
    • Venue name (Slake NYC)
    • City Name (New York, Las Vegas)
    • Music style (Trance, Techno)
    • These if applicable : Review, Festival, Interview

After posting, check your post and make sure it looks good.


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