Daft Punk mania is in full swing with the release of their new album Random Access Memories and dance music fans everywhere can stream the highly anticipated release for free on Rdio. The first new studio release from Daft Punk since 2005, Random Access Memoriesmelds future and past with a fresh take on throwback sounds, from disco to prog pop and beyond. The 75 minute journey with the legendary French duo also features guest spots from Pharrell Williams, Panda Bear, Nile Rodgers and Julian Casablancas.

In honor of the new release, Buzzfeed and Rdio are also taking you on a trip through the Daft Punk catalog with a list of “10 Daft Punk Samples You May Have Missed.” Spanning the confirmed to the debated, the list looks at artists that have, or have likely, been sampled by Daft Punk. From Black Sabbath to Barry White, the list shows the wide range of genres incorporated into Daft Punk’s work and gives you the chance to be the judge and listen to the tracks back-to-back.

Direct Link to Random Access Memories on Rdio:

Buzzfeed – “10 Daft Punk Samples You May Have Missed”:

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