REVIEW: Perfect Stranger – Leap of Faith

Artist: Perfect Stranger

Genre: Psy-Trance

Label: Iboga Records

Release Date: September 25th, 2012

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.0


“Leap of Faith” is the comeback album of Israeli producer and DJ, Yuli Fershtat. It’s been four years since his last album release “Free Cloud”, but it hasn’t been a silent four years. Yuli’s work under Perfect Stranger has long topped of everybody’s wanted list and is headlining major psychedelic music events around the world. “Leap of Faith” marks a new milestone in progressive electronic dance music. Already well known deep minimal sound, Yuli takes the Perfect Stranger sound to new levels.


The first CD features new original material and collaborations with some of the most recognized names in progressive psy-trance such as Liquid Soul, LOUD, & Eat Static. A track that really stood out to me was the collaboration with LOUD “…Already Happened”. All the guest artists are known for their sound and unique elements that illuminate a mysterious mystical environment.

CD2 is packed with remixes and special live edits of previous work, unreleased. There is another two collaboration s with LOUD and Liquid Soul. “Sundance 2012 live edit” definitely stands out as my favorite track on the album. It is just as thrilling as the original Perfect Stranger remix of LOUD-Sundance. I already see special edits of the track floating around on youtube.

CD3 is a live recording of Perfect Strangers live DJ set at the Indigo Festival 2012 in Israel. There is a rush when listening to original tracks from Perfect Stranger and an even higher thrill when listening to him perform live. It’s a more interactive atmosphere as with most artists however, Perfect Stranger is well known for standing out as a live performer.

The year 2012 has been quite an amazing year of releases in the Progressive Trance music. Now with the 3 CD release of “Leap of Faith”, Perfect Stranger is back with a groundbreaking sound setting him fresh on the charts and raising the bar. What really stands out is the clear demonstration of skill combining sounds and styles. The Stranger undoubtedly has the skill to produce hit dance music but insists to push to boundaries with a minimal sound at the same time still hitting the masses. That’s something we really need in the global music scene. For too long have artists released music that sounds similar to others.

Listening to this album has made it apparent that innovation is achieved all the while maintaining the roots. Perfect Stranger is well known for his deep minimal signature tone. I could identify Perfect Strangers tone like I would instantly identify Carlos Santana’s guitar tone but there were a lot of moments when I was listening that I did not think it could be Perfect Stranger. The sound is so unique and has been proven tested in historic clubs and outdoor festivals of thousands. “Leap of Faith” 3D’s should be more than enough to last another 4 years and as you could expect, Perfect Stranger will be just as busy as he has been playing some of the biggest dance floors in the world and releasing tracks and other collaborations. It’s an exciting time in Psytrance.

Review by Sam Fisher

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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