REVIEW: Friction FabricLive 70

Artist: Friction

Genre: Drum & Bass

Label: FabricLive

Release Date: July 15, 2013

Rating: 9 out of 10.0

FABRICLIVE 70 mixed by Friction unexpectedly showed up in my inbox today and not a moment too soon, because I was looking for some fresh tunes to immerse myself in. Fabric always delivers when it comes to quality so I was sure to be in for a hell of a ride. I was previously unaware of Friction or any of his work so I did some digging. I don’t claim to be an expert in the drum & bass genre but I am definitely getting more into it lately. I was intrigued to learn that Friction has been around since the early 2000’s and was fascinated by the fact that he’s a child of the 80’s just like me which is likely why his sound appealed to me from the very beginning of the mix.

Opening up the compilation with a VIP version of melodic liquid Drum and bass vocal track by Optiv & BTK featuring Sam Wills entitled “Understand” was a great choice. It immediately sets an enjoyable vibe but if you think this mix will continue to head in one particular direction you are in for a surprise. The pace quickens and transitions into a bit of jungle shortly after and continues to delve deeper into the journey of sounds. The element of floaty feel good atmosphere remains as Friction keeps switching up styles. The vocal tracks he selected maintain positive messages ie: “dream if they want to” with some cool effects to keep things interesting.

Friction featured several sub-genres of drum and bass fantastically and they amount of tracks they were able to squeeze in so seamlessly was downright obscene. I was barely able to keep up with the track list which is admittedly why I did not select to review this release track by track but shhhh! Don’t tell anyone ok? Just listening to this mix definitely left me feeling slightly more educated on all that this great genre has to offer. This mix has a little something for everyone. I am not a huge fan of jungle or ragga styles but I still found the compilation enjoyable nonetheless which is no small feat. I was especially a fan of the more melodic side of this mix and will acquire some of the tracks featured in it for my personal music collection. I really like Dramatic’s style and I was happy to see a track by him included in the mix. If you ask around you will soon learn I am quite a picky critic but I can certainly appreciate a versatile artist when I see one. I was definitely loving the fact that there were several VIP’s included on the compilation and felt privileged to hear all the exclusives.

It’s such a shame I don’t live in London because I really would have loved to check out Friction’s performance at Fabric on July 19th alongside Calyx & Teebee who I also quite enjoy. I’m sure Fabric holds a special place in Friction’s heart as that is where he got his first gig back in 2002.

Friction says “I remember the first time I played the club, it was a Drum & Bass Arena event and I was up for a ‘Best New DJ’ award, I played in Room Two and I remember thinking this is amazing! Obviously I’ve played there so many times since over the years and I love the club. I think out of most of the best
clubs in the world, no one will EVER touch Fabric. When we had drum & bass at Fabric and The End the scene was just RIDICULOUS. Every week we had the two best clubs that were real institutions of drum & bass”.

He has clearly come a long way since then and I plan to start following his work from here on out.

Artist: Friction
Label: fabric Records
Release: July 15th, 2013
Cat. No.: fabric140


01 Optiv & BTK feat. Sam Wills – Understand VIP [Shogun Audio]
02 DC Breaks – Swag [Ram]
03 Enei & Emperor – Liberation [Critical]
04 Joe Ford – Instrument [unreleased] / The Upbeats – One Step [Vision]
05 InsideInfo & Mefjus – Mythos [Virus]
06 Nymfo – Suddenly VIP [Commercial Suicide]
07 Badmarsh & Shri – Signs (Calibre Mix) [Highly Blessed]
08 Technimatic – Bristol [Shogun Audio]
09 Alix Perez feat. D.Ablo – Playing Games VIP [Shogun Audio]
10 Villem & McLeod – Another Star [Samurai Red Seal]
11 AI – You Can Dream [Shogun Audio]
12 Total Science – Still Waiting [unreleased]
13 Technimatic – Sphere [SGN:Ltd]
14 Chords – Biting Point [Ram]
15 Technimatic – Intersection [SGN:Ltd]
16 Alix Perez feat. Sam Wills – Annie’s Song (Original vs S.P.Y Mash-Up) [Shogun Audio]
17 Dramatic – Keep Pushing Me [SGN:Ltd]
18 Kove – Searching [MTA]
19 NZShapeshifter – Gravity (Lenzman Remix) [Truetone]
20 Break – Steam Train [Symmetry] / Mefjus & Kasra – Cypher [Critical]
21 Icicle feat. SP:MC – Dreadnaught VIP [Shogun Audio]
22 Ulterior Motive & Judda – Timekeeper [Subtitles]
23 Friction & K Tee – Jupiter (Mefjus Remix) [Shogun Audio]
24 Icicle – Minimal Funk VIP [Shogun Audio]
25 Rockwell – Detroit [Shogun Audio]
26 Icicle – Anxious [Shogun Audio]
27 Usual Suspects – Killa Bees (InsideInfo Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
28 Donny & Audio – Horribly Ribbed VIP [Barcode]
29 Ulterior Motive – Lost Contact [Metalheadz]
30 DJ Hazard – Time Tripping [Playaz]
31 Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy VIP [Neosignal] / Noisia – Diplodocus [Vision]

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