REVIEW: BT – Laptop Symphony

Artist: BT

Genre: Dubstep, Electro, House, Trance

Label: Black Hole Recordings

Release Date: May 14th, 2012

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.0


BT’s Laptop Symphony was released digitally on May 14th, and the due date for the physical copy is June 11th. The double disc compilation is quite versatile and genre bending. The first disc is mostly Electro, and Dubstep. The second disc is primarily Progressive and Trance.

The opening track “Tomahawk” begins with a lush soundscape leading into progressive plucks and chords, but don’t let it fool you because it drops into pure unadulterated electro for the track “Kili “while still maintaining some of the elements of the previous track genuinely showing off BT’s tasteful mixing skills. I hear a familiar growl coming in and I know instantly that the track is by none other than Wolfgang Gartner. The next track is “Ménage Á Trois” which has a very classical inspired organ and synths further enhancing Wolfgang’s signature elements. The mix is already very promising as it contains quite a few producers that I follow. BT’s keeps each transition more and more exciting and selects tracks that have a lot of alternation so that you are never stuck listening to the same sound for very long.

At this point the dub sounds begin to present themselves while some hands in the air synths make their way in and out of the foreground and sneakily BT drop’s in “Choose Me II” which is a monster of a track. It’s definitely one of my favorite Dubstep tracks, but I also heard some additional layering mixed in. I know the original quite well so it was easy to spot that BT was adding some additional tweaks. It’s a slower paced track but you really can’t help but fall into the groove of it. The vocals are quite pleasant as well.

BT kept the pace slow and then increased the bpms quickly to match up with the speed of “Hello”. The track drops out and begins a slow climb to begin the peak of the breakdown with some house stabs working its way back into the style of Electro. I’m really glad he chose the Dub mix; it’s definitely more enjoyable for me. I recognize most of the tracks up to this point and then “Dominate” comes in Which I’ve never heard it before and it is a bit abrasive on my ears so I admittedly skipped to the next track which was much cooler and laid back. The mixes definitely become more abrupt at this point and not many tracks are played for very long. It seemed as if he was trying to get as many tracks in as he could. It was a bit hard for me to keep up with the track list to distinguish which track I was listening to.

Disc two is more along the lines of trance and progressive and begins with gentle melodies that soothe you immensely after the end of disc one violently enthralls you. By the time the first track is finished I’m already falling in love with the whole vibe that disc two has to offer. Andrew Bayer and Matt Lange are two great progressive artists to open up a compilation with. The second track is just as deliciously proggy as the last. “In The Air” brings the groove and the Mord Fustang mix is amazing. Mord’s usual Electro style is a little repressed for this mix until the end but he does some nice vocal effect work on it for sure. “Beginnings” keeps the bouncy groove going and the next track increases the tempo but only slightly and the transitions are much more subtle as the mix slowly becomes trancier and trancier. “Punk” has always been a Ferry fan favorite and Arty remixed it for the newer generation. It always enhances the energy wherever and whenever it is played, as does the next anthem “Save The World” by Swedish House Mafia.

Disc two comes to a close with “Flaming June” and it is one of my all-time favorite BT tracks and an undeniable classic. He prepared a special rework for the Laptop Symphony compilation. This rework is nice however the original always brings back an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for me, so I don’t know if any remix or rework will ever compare except for maybe the Jaytech vs. James Grant mix (not featured on this compilation) which is finally seeing an official release after two years. It will be released on May 28th on a Flaming June Remix EP along with several other mixes of the track including BT’s Laptop Symphony Rework.

Overall both discs are great but convey extremely different moods. If you want loud and crazy energy choose disc one, if you want atmospheric melodies and a more progressive flow choose disc two.

Disc 1:

1. BT & Adam K – Tomahawk
2. Savoy – Kili
3. Wolfgang Gartner – Ménage Á Trois
4. Access Denied and Jellyfish – Carukai Barnesi
5. Xilent – Choose Me II
6. Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat. Sue Cho – Hello (Dub Mix)
7. BeeJays – Blender
8. Fuzzy Logik feat. Jada Pearl – All My Love (Xilent Remix)
9. Figure – Dominate (Instumentral)
10. Midnight Conspiracy, Cenob1te – The Eye
11. DJ Spoko & Mugwanti – Mugwanti (R3hab Mix)
12. Feed Me feat. Tasha Baxter – Cloudburn
13. Figure – Zombies
14. Youngbloodz feat. Lil’ Jon – Damn!
15. Figure – Boogie Man
16. Opiuo – Robo Booty
17. Peace Treaty featt. Kissed WIth A Noise – Cal State Anthem (Sharooz Mix)
18. Cosmic Gate & JES – Flying Blind (vs. Killbot – War Paint Mashup Mix)

Disc 2:

1. Andrew Bayer – Counting The Points
2. Matt Lange – That Much Higher
3. Morgan Page, Sultan + Ned Shepard and BT ft. Angela McCluskey – In The Air (Mord Fustang remix)
4. Soundprank – Beginnings
5. Aurosonic & Ange – Without You (Smart Apes Dub)
6. BT feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – A Million Stars (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix)
7. Ashley Wallbridge – Vision
8. Super8 & Tab ft. Jan Burton – Slow To Learn (Maor Levi Club Mix)
9. Ferry Corsten – Punk (Arty Rock-n-Rolla Remix)
10. Swedish House Mafia – Save The World
11. Allure feat. Christian Burns – On The Wire (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
12. Tiesto feat. BT – Love Comes Again (Hardwell Rework)
13. BT – Flaming June (Laptop Symphony Rework)

Review by Zaneta Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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