Next month Markus Schulz (recently voted the 8th biggest DJ in the world, for the third year running) will mark his return to Space Miami – the site of one of his formative DJ residencies.

Post millennium he embarked on a hugely successful weekly run at the club, one that turned into a significant platform to develop his house beats, d&b b-lines and emotive, melodic riff synthesis. This, over the duration of the residency, became the then-nascent, now highly recognized Coldharbour sound and marked his final run up to becoming an internationally prominent DJ & producer.

Such was the renown of his cutting-edge Space sets that they were regularly accompanied by live broadcasts on Party 93.1; the same station that became the first to air Schulz’s now widely syndicated and immensely popular Global DJ Broadcast radio show.

His last Space Miami appearance took place over the September 2006 Labor Day holiday weekend and now, four years later, he is set to make a major return there with a very special extended set.

Space (recently voted the No.1 dance club in the United States in DJ Magazine) will once again resound to Schulz’s singular, hybridized music mix, and for fans old and new it will not be a night to miss.

You can get more information on Markus’ return to Space Miami though the links below:

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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