Marcel Woods returns for more Musical Madness
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Released: June 4th 2010

The first part was crazy, the second is absolutely insane! Top producer Marcel Woods has unleashed his inner demons to take control of mix for the second part of ‘Musical Madness’. With this tangled double CD he has managed to detach himself from the narrow-mindedness once again – critics who still try to define his sound find themselves cornered, since Marcel doesn’t like his style be labelled in anyway. This release contains two strong mixes that underline this statement, bringing tough beats with the accessible Woods-sound as a common thread. ‘Musical Madness 2’ is available in all music stores from June 4th. More information:

Frightening good mix
With his daring combinations of tracks, Marcel Woods puts more weight behind his belief that there’s a thin line between brilliance and madness. With Musical Madness 2 he convincingly shows us his ability to merge various sounds; from warm house to razor-sharp techno. The first part (released in 2008) was well-received and gained high ranks on the download charts. Now, the second part is promising to be even more exciting. The Musical Madness 2 tracklist is a very diverse compilation of the best club tracks of this moment. Obviously Marcel has left his own mark on this release – for instance with his new productions ‘The Bottle’ and ‘Everything’ – and enriched it with new tracks from some well-known colleagues, such as Marco V, Nic Chagall, Sebastien Krieg, Jerome Isma-ae, Koen Groeneveld and Jonas Stenberg. The result: a marvellous mix that drives you to madness! This is the ultimate preparation for the festival season, from June the 4th available on and all download portals, as well as in all music stores. Step into the world of Marcel Woods and let your dark side take over with Musical Madness 2.

Marcel Woods: World artist
With a string of big hits and an impressive list of performances, Marcel Woods is considered as one of the world’s leading dance artists of today. His ability to separate himself from typecast has led him to various big stages, including leading events – Global Gathering, Mysteryland, Dance Valley and Trance Energy (to name a few) – where 2008 saw him become the only DJ ever to play the White and Black editions of Sensation in one season.

Nowadays his field of activity stretches over the whole globe, which 2009 resulting in world tours to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Russia and even The United States of America. The time Marcel’s not spent DJing around the world promoting his sound, he’s spent locked in the studio working on it. Stowed away in his chamber fuses sounds with warped ideas is where he creates outstanding tunes to keep his musical progression going, with this year’s highlights: a fresh remake of Tiësto’s hit ‘Escape Me’ and a #1 ranking single on download portal with the new release ‘Everything’. With these early accomplishments in 2010 and yet more to come, the engine keeps on running as it continues to make crazy spins with Musical Madness 2. Check out the latest news and general information on

Musical Madness Volume 2 Tracklist

CD 01
1 Marcel Woods – Inside Me (Ricky T Remix)
2 Ante Perry vs Tube & Berger – Human You
3 Alex Cole & Dino Barretta feat Luca G – You in My Universe
4 Yves V – Insane Pressure
5 Koen Groeneveld – Fly-By-Wire (Original Mix)
6 Riktam & Bansi – Green Space
7 Sebastian Krieg & Jerome Isma-Ae – 308
8 Nic Chagall – Morning Light (Extended)
9 Plastic Angel – Try Walking In My World (Daniel Portman Remix)
10 Marco V – Greyhound
11 DJ Preach feat Matthew Ryan – Spark (Marco V Remix)
12 Andy Power – Das is Good (Eddie Sender Deeper Redraw Mix)
13 Shy Brothers – Moscow Times
14 PMW – The Freakshow (Original Mix)
15 Anton Firtich feat. Victoria Mazze – Meant to Be Free (Original Mix)

1 Dada Life – Cookies With A Smile (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Mix)
2 Marcel Woods – The Bottle (Original Mix)
3 Jochen Miller – Humanoid (Ali Wilson Remix)
4 Ali Wilson – Pandora
5 Weekend Heroes – Eat My Apple
6 Marco V – Solitary Confinement feat Khashassi (Revixed)
7 Marcel Woods – Everything (Original Mix)
8 Svenson & Gielen – The Beauty Of Silence (Jonas Stenberg vs W&W Remix)
9 Jonas Stenberg – Trademark (Stenberg Revision)
10 Jonas Stenberg – Timeline (Oxygen Shadow Mix)
11 Xetro – Barely Human
12 Matthias Moor – Madness Society (Original Mix)
13 D-Mad – Under Pressure
14 Chris de Seed & 3Artes – Deacon
15 tyDI & Dennis Sheperd feat Marcie – Somehow

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