Roseland shone brightly with all the colors of the rainbow. Blake Jarrell started laying down hits, like Sander van Doorn’s “Koko”, then his own track “Maresias”. At almost full capacity, a Red Sea of arms and heads waved when the music played. Screens provided movie-sized entertainment with their lighted color display, and the acoustics sounded ridiculously good everywhere you stood. Blake then played Cosmic Gate’s “Exploration of Space”, their slower Back 2 the Future remix, to which we happily bounced. At only 11:30, this crowd was already sweating, especially for Axwell vs. R.E.M. “Losing my Religion (Blake Jarrell mashup)”. Jarrell’s “Boom from the Amplifier” drove everyone into conniptions, then he blended tech with pop. An abundance of glow sticks and black light shirts created a colorful audience. After excellent mixing, Blake concludes with Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars (Topher Jones and Blake Jarrell mix)”.

Armin entered to whistles and shouts, the likes of which one rarely hears, and not an empty spot left on the ground floor. He started with Orjan Nilsen “The Mule”. Then, Armin lead into his own “Feels so Good” featuring Nadia Ali, and Above and Beyond’s “Sun and Moon” with Richard Bedford, already providing an overflow of vocals. Everyone clapped along to AvB featuring Ana Criado “Down To Love (Kyau & Albert Remix)”. As I gazed at the lyrics displayed behind his head, I wondered if this was sing-along night at the karaoke bar. Next, we heard Armin featuring Laura “Drowning”, the original. Oh good, another vocal track! I was getting worried. At least he displayed great crowd interaction and lots of energy, giving the audience exactly what they wanted.

Once Armin got hard and tech-y (out of nowhere), the whole venue-shadowed by green-started rocking. W&W’s “Operation AK-47 (Arnej Re-Acidification)” blended into Ferry Corsten’s “Feel It!” When “Punk (Arty remix)” blared, the crowd chanted, just not as loudly. The Rank 1 remix of his track “Mirage” was very deep and moving. Armin finally cut out the bull and started playing like a real man. But then, he drops “Not Giving up on Love”, yet redeems himself after with, Jerome Isma-Ae vs. Paul Oakenfold vs. Airbase with “Southern Sun Escape My Journey (Myon & Shane 54 Mashup)”. “These Silent Hearts”, his collaboration with BT, was enjoyed by all. AvB did “Take a Moment” to live, and was still smiling after 2 hours. “This Light Between Us (Great Strings remix)” caused our DJ to start flapping his arms around like he was going to take-off. That probably stunned the crowd.

AvB continued with Gareth’s “Sanctuary (GO remix)”, Thrillseekers “Song for Sendai”, and for a real treat, the original Gaia “Tuvan”. During DJs United “Remember Love”, the screens started showing snippets of all the Love Parade visitors. Then, Aly and Fila’s “We Control the Sunlight” allowed Armin to play along with the crowd. At 3:30, no one has left. Back to being brash, the Chris Schwiezer bootleg of “Zombie Nation” and Klaus Goulaart’s “Turbulence” were forceful. What’s better than 1 Cosmic Gate? TWO Cosmic Gates, as we heard the same remix of “Exploration of Space” again. During this, he came out and signed a Dutch flag. This dedicated crowd dwindled only a little at ten minutes to four. Armin encored with his own mash-up of AvB versus Cirez D “On Off Love” to bid attendees good night.

Review By: Svetlana Sforza

Photo Credit: Sebastian Golabek for

Photo Credit: Peter Drier for Made Event

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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