M.I.K.E. releases ‘New York City Nights’ Be Yourself Music
Armada Records
Released: June 7th 2010

On June 7th 2010 the brand new mix compilation album ‘New York City Nights’ from Belgian native Mike Dierickx, aka M.I.K.E. will see its release. The album will feature many exclusive mixes and tracks from some of the world’s biggest trance and progressive artists. M.I.K.E. already announced that the album encapsulates the true trance sound of New York City.

M.I.K.E. presents ‘New York City Nights’ is a true reflection of the diverse and imaginative taste of an artist whose sound has captured the hearts of dedicated trance followers worldwide. The lovingly selected tracklisting brings together a plethora of music created by some of the world’s finest trance and progressive artists who have each played there part in shaping the North American EDM scene of today.

Produced exclusively for the compilation, ‘New York City Nights’ showcases a world exclusive self-titled M.I.K.E. production featuring Francis Hill – a vocal track that is about to set the city alight. In addition to this, M.I.K.E. recreates the huge 2004 M.I.K.E. vs. Armin van Buuren ‘Intruder’ and a very special collaboration with UK trance hero The Thrillseekers, both created especially for the compilation.

Projected for summer 2010, the ‘New York City Nights’ tour takes to the global stage.

More info on M.I.K.E. & New York City Nights can be found via the following links:

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