Joachim Garraud Announces Brand New 3D Live Audio/Visual Show

Debut Show at Exchange in Downtown Los Angeles Next Saturday January 26th

Hey Electronic Nightlife,

A pioneer of all things audio/visual, French producer/DJ Joachim Garraud has announced that he will be leveling up his wildly energetic performance in 2013 — creating an innovative experience for event-goers that will include new 3D Space Invader visuals triggered live by Joachim, in addition to his signature live keytar sessions throughout the set. The debut 3D show presented by Insomniac Events will take place next Saturday, January 26th at Exchange in Downtown Los Angeles.

I’m very proud to be the first [DJ] to use 3D content to do something different than the other ones. I was the first one to play keytar live, but now on top [of that], using video and 3D, makes this brand-new show something unique,” Garraud excitedly says about the new show.

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