Today we bring you a Q & A session with none other than Enhanced head honcho Will Holland. In the interview we discuss his latest compilation Digital Enhanced Volume Five and what other projects are currently underway at the label. Don’t forget to check out the contest area to enter to win a copy of Digital Enhanced Volume Five mixed by Will Holland:

Was Digital Enhanced Volume Five compiled from unreleased material you have gathered over the years or did you request each featured artist on the label to send in an original piece of work specifically for the compilation?

We always try and plan the compilation from as far out as possible – so we ask our producers to make tracks specifically for the release or we hold back other tracks we’ve just signed that we feel will fit the release. It’s always very important to me that the mix flows and reflects the whole Enhanced sound, so we end up with enough material to fill 3 or 4 CD’s not just two, then I whittle it down to what works on the mixes.

Was the compilation mixed digitally or live using CDJ’s?

It’s done on Ableton, but a couple of my earlier compilations were done live. It’s good to be able to rework sections edit tracks and come back to it over and over again; I often have about 6+ versions before I’m happy with it!

What were some of the main qualities you were seeking in the tracks featured on the compilation?

Quality production and a current sound, that will still sound good in years to come; they’re the main attributes, but that’s applied to every Enhanced release so it’s really just focusing on what we do daily.

What is the overall feeling that you would like the listener to take away from this compilation series?

Well the two discs are quite different, as they always have been, with the first disc being more progressive and the second building into uplifting trance. I want the listener to be able to enjoy it no matter what the time or location, and I think you really get that with this release, whilst experiencing the spectrum of sound you get across the Enhanced labels.

What are some of the deal breakers you consider when signing a new artist?

One aspect that is very important to me is that I like to see their other work, past work or work in progress, as it’s important to work with people who can continue to deliver good music.

Which artists on Enhanced do you suggest the world should keep an eye on at the moment?

All of them really, from the more established names such as Tritonal, Daniel Kandi, Estiva, Norin & Rad, Suncatcher etc, to the younger guys such as Juventa, The Madison, Eximinds, and Ost & Meyer – we really are blessed to have so many great artists in my opinion, and each one I totally believe in.

What are some of your goals for the remainder of this year?

Personally I want to get a couple more original tracks and remixes out, and continue to build our artists at Enhanced and the brand as a whole. Things are going great at the moment so it’s just about working even harder to achieve more as the year goes on.

What new projects are lined up at Enhanced?

Album wise, next up is Social Deconstruction from the UK super-club ‘The Gallery’ which is packed with exclusive, specially made tracks from the likes of Kyau vs Albert, W&W, Tritonal and many others, and we’re just about to announce the details of Tritonal’s ‘Piercing The Quiet’ Remixed album which is incredibly exciting. Ferry Tayle is very nearly done with his album too! We’re also working on all the remixes for the tracks from the Digitally Enhanced album – a process I love doing.

Do you have any other comments for your fans?

Thanks for the wonderful support and the amazing feedback on Digitally Enhanced Vol 5 so far – so happy with the reactions! If you haven’t yet checked it out, you can get the CD here or check it out at iTunes here

Thank you for your time!

Thank you for speaking to me!

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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