We would like to congratulate Steve Angello and his family on the joyous occasion of the birth of their baby girl which they named Monday-Lily. As you can imagine Steve has been quite busy being a new dad as well as stepping up his game in the studio and working on some fresh material. We were able to reach him briefly despite his hectic schedule for comment on his upcoming projects.

What type of vibe do you believe each of the members of the Swedish House Mafia bring to the table?

It depends what day you catch us on. We’re all different in so many ways – so each show is different in how we apply ourselves together.

In your opinion which WMC event was the most massive?

Ultra Festival. Hands down. Incredible.

Which party turned out to be an absolute disaster?

The one in my hotel room afterwards

What track did you hear the most this year at WMC?

The Swedish House Mafia single ONE. We launched it there, and it leaked online at the same time. It was crazy feedback.

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Patron or Wine depending on the mood.

What are some of the new developments at Size Records?

Its an amazing time. I’m developing AN21 / Max Vangeli and I have so much new material of my own coming and a massive Size Matters compilation. Artists like Felix Da Housecat / Avicci / Kris Menace also join me this summer so it’s a great time for SIZE.

What is the most controversial issue you think the music industry is facing at the moment?

Piracy as always is a problem. We’re used to it now but it pisses me off when people leak stuff. At SHM we all had our emails hacked and the ONE version with Pharrell leaked online. We hadn’t finished it! We want to be able to give music when we’re ready and in a campaign that the consumer deserves. If someone moves your time line…..its destroys so much around the record and people don’t understand that.

Any word on whether you will be playing at Electric Zoo again this year?

No I skipped it this year. I am building a live show of my own which I think I will debut in the USA at Nocturnal. So I will look at tieng that to EZ in 2011.

Your brother Antoine is also a DJ who goes under the alias AN21. Have you been giving him pointers, or does your family just breed natural talent?

Yes, I am doing a lot of development with him and in turn he’s helping me with Size while im in the studio here in LA. We’re a family bsiness now!

What’s the latest with your website when do you expect to have the site up and running?

When we’re ready! I have a new company working on it but im not launching it till I know it’s the SHIT.

Who are some up and coming artists that you feel the world should be looking out for?

AN21 / Max Vangeli / Sunnery and Ryan

Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to tell us about?

A record I made with Alex Metric. It’s called Open Your Eyes….It’s 7 minutes long and it’s a fucking epic. It was nice to step out of my normal group of producers and just make a fresh sound. Its signed to vIrgin now. Expect a KILLER video!

In what ways has your life changed when you discovered you were going to be a father?

In every way. Life’s not a party now. I am a dad, and a family man, and they are my everything. And I will work harder than ever to protect and develop that.

Do you have any other comments for our readers?

See you on the dancefloor!

– Interview by Zaneta Soroko-Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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