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Danish DJ and producer Morten Breum is back with a fresh pop-driven dance anthem titled Larva (Far Away). The tattooed Dane with the piercing gaze and cheekbones to match has been a popular booking on the club and festival circuit lately. Despite only moving to Los Angeles from his native Denmark last summer, he has already appeared alongside industry heavyweights like Axwell, Ingrosso, Felix Da Housecat, Booka Shade, Diplo, David Guetta and Avicii. He has also headlined LIV in Miami, Pacha NYC, Playhouse in Los Angeles, Voyeur in San Diego and Surrender and XS in Las Vegas.

A technically accomplished producer as well as being thrilling to experience behind the decks, Morten Breum clearly created Larva (Far Away) with the crowd in mind. The track blends a warm percussion riff with an adorably-accented vocal that brings to mind Scandinavian power-poppers Lykke Li and Robyn. The lyrics, written and sung by Swedish duo Rebecca & Fionas, verge on the abstract, weaving in and out of trance-infused chord progressions and pushing teasingly forward to a perfectly executed drop.

Already a high-profile DJ in Denmark, Morten Breum has a brace of number two singles and a number one spot in the Danish charts under his belt. His debut album, DROP!, was critically acclaimed internationally, and Breum rode this buzz straight into a successful transition to the USA. The environment has clearly got his creative juices flowing, allowing him to serve up slices of hook-laden EDM with total panache.
From the sponsorship deals with Pepsi and Red Bull to the inclusion of his track On It on Pacha’s influential annual compilation, Breum’s career is certainly kicking into high gear right now. This new release heralds the beginning of yet another exciting chapter in the Morten Breum story. Watch out 2013, he’s coming for you.

Hi Morten, thanks for speaking with us.

Thanks for having me.

You are out with a new track now – but are perhaps most known for your remixes. How would you describe your style?

Yes its true I have a track out called “Larva (Far Away)” vocals are by the talented swedes Rebecca & Fiona. Its very difficult for me to define my style, I’m very inspired by all sorts of music, from all sorts of genres. Right now I love melodic uplifting tracks, but I also like techno, tech house, all sort of electronic music, trap the newest sub genre on the EDM scene really is refreshing, even though trap has existed for many years.

How do you balance the two and do you have a preference, what will you focus more on going forward?

I don’t focus that much on balancing the different genres; my focus is being a part of creating good music, working with amazing artist, no matter genres.

What was your inspiration for your latest release?

Releasing Larva (Far Away) latest was a track produced in the time right around when my manager Nima Kay and I moved to LA together, it was a process of learning, it was a very inspiring process. I believe moving here made a huge development in my music and me as an artist.

You moved from Scandinavia to Los Angeles. Why did you decide to take that step and how do you see the US Scene now?

There was not more left for me to do in Denmark. I played the biggest festivals, sold platinum singles and headlined Sensation.

Do you have anyone tapped for remix duties?

I just made this remix of Stafford Brothers feat. Lil Wayne & Christina Milian – Hello and will be released on Cash Money late January start of February on Beatport

Who would you love to work with?

There are so many great artists out there, but I would really love to work with Axwell, I think he’s an incredible producer and working with him would be amazing.

What is the longest amount of time you have spent in the studio in one sitting?

That’s was actually not to long ago, in December I had a session where we entered the studio 10 in the morning, and we left the day after at noon, that was a lot of fun, but I was very tired in the end. I’m not the biggest fan of long sittings.

How would you describe your style now and how has it evolved from the early days in Denmark?

My manager calls me a skizo producer and DJ. I really don’t have a style you can define. I make and play what I feel like in the moment.

The tattoos are obviously a big part of your brand… What’s the symbolism and are they related to your music?

Yes and no.

So what’s on your agenda next?

Keep doing what I love and get my music out.

Describe a typical day in the life of Morten Breum:

Studio, Yoga, Workout, Studio and gig.

Should we expect a tour anytime soon?

I hope so J

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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