Russia’s Moonbeam have been gaining momentum over the last few years and with good reason. Formed in Nizhny Novgorod in 2003, brothers Pavel and Vitaliy have been steadily releasing dance floor tracks that weave seamlessly from thick-bellied atmospheric techno to dense charging trance. Storming into DJ Magazine’s Top100 Poll, the two continue to widen their sonic arc with a fabric of different styles, diverse guest vocalists both in their studio and with their live shows and now present their latest release on Germany’s Traum.

At what age were you both introduced into Electronic Dance Music?

It was in 1997. Vitaly was 18 years old, and Pavel was 13. Unfortunately at that time in Russia there was very little material about electronic music, and of course, the Internet wasn’t extended in Russia yet. Nevertheless we listened to the first radio show in Russia about electronic music-“Garage” on “ Europe Plus” and simply fell in love with this music. We began working in local clubs as DJ’s and got some good experience. Our first experience was in writing music in 1999. At that time we created the project Ekzaltatsija.

As brothers, do you ever encounter instances of sibling rivalry in the studio? How do you handle it?

No. We have been working together hand in hand for a long time. Problems, of course, arise but it is more of an insignificant working moment rather than something serious. We are very close both in studio and also out of it. We always help each other in our life.

What are your strengths as individuals when it comes to production?

As a rule we work in studio together. Pavel is responsible for a technical part, he watches for the technical novelties. Vitaly is mostly responsible for a creative part of the project. Each of us brings something original in track creation. But when we have a great interest in the process, any clear borders is erased.

What other DJ’s or producers have inspired you to be where you are today?

Tom York, Zoot Woman, Royksopp. These artists have always inspired us. Nowadays we like Trentemoller, and Guy Gerber.

How does your dynamic work when you are DJing?

We never use Ableton on performances. It’s important for us to feel people and their mood and that would be impossible if we just stared at our laptop screens. We use CDs and sometimes vinyl when we perform as DJs. And when we play live we often use performance toys such as percussion and various midi keys. We use a very unusual platform for live performances: cubase as a main sequencer and CD drumkits and bass lines of the tracks recorded beforehand to ensure nonstop. Thus we are free to improvise!

What are your DJ Top 10 Charts for this month?

01 Moonbeam – What Dreams May Come (Exclusive Beatport Mix) (Moonbeam Digital)
02 Hardwell – Smoke (Original Club Mix) (Leaders Of The New School)
03 Avis Vox – Introspection Attempts (Moonbeam Remix) (Songbird)
04 Oliver Huntemann – Decks And The City (Ideal Audio)
05 Extrawelt – Trenchcoat (Traum)
06 Nic Chagall – Morning Light (Remixed) (High Contrast)
07 Way Out West – Surrender (Eelke Kleijn Remix) (Hope Recordings)
08 Ben Lb – Olympics (Original Mix) (Definitive Recordings)
09 Schadenfreude – The Road Leads East (Meat Katie Remix) (Yoshitoshi Recordings)
10 PoisonPro – Innovate (Moon Tribal Records)

How do you manage to set your sound apart from other artists?

We like to take some experiments and do tracks on a connection line of different styles.

In what ways does each genre of electronic music inspire you and which are your favorites?

A lot of different music genres inspire us. Beginning with downtempo, and lounge, and ending in techno, and prоgresisive. However we like tracks, which can be carried to different styles best. For example, Daft Punk. We liked the variety and originality of every track in their album Homework.

Do you anticipate releasing any future tracks under your previous Glockenspiel alias?

No, it was an additional project like PAK&VAK. Now we concentrate on our project Moonbeam.

What is the hottest piece of production software at the moment in each of your opinions?

Reaktor and Battery Arturia Analog Factory.

Do you have your own studio, or home studio? Can you please describe it for us?

We have our own home studio. Here is a description of the studio: Mac Pro, Cubase, Arturia Analog Factory, Full Pack from Native Instruments and Waves.

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2010?

A lot of new releases on Traum, HighContrast, Proton and others will be created. We prepared own compilation on label Black Hole as well. And, of course, a lot of new videos.

What advice would you give to an up and coming producer?

You should work and believe sincerely in that you do. And, of course, if you approach a certain level don’t stop and promote a height constantly. And attaining certain height – don’t expose to the weaknesses of success, don’t weaken and continue to work!

Who are some other DJ’s or producers that you would like to work with in the future?

We’d like to cooperate with Tom York, Zoot Woman, Royksopp.

Do you have any other comments for your fans?

Listen to more and more good and different music. Love each other and have a healthy life style.

– Interview by Zaneta Soroko-Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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