Jes, the chart-topping and award-winning artist releases her highly anticipated third album, High Glow in March with Black Hole Recordings and Ultra Records. Jes has an extremely unique voice and it turns out the New York native also knows a thing or two about production and engineering.

Let’s take a journey to Planet Jes and peek into the marvelous mind of JES….

What can you ask the woman that has already been asked pretty much everything? Do you ever take the time out to reflect on some of your earliest releases? What thoughts run across your mind as you do this?

I do sometimes. Many of the songs, I still sing all the time… some have faded from my live sets but the melodies are always in my mind when I’m writing. I also have many of the covers framed, so they stare at me in the background at the studio. It’s nice to have worked with so many talented people throughout my career and the old songs always take you back to a different time in your life. It helps keep you motivated to see the development of your career and a very important way of staying motivated. I love to mix up my live sets and it’s always fun to drop an older one in there from time to time.

They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Do you believe this saying to be true?

Well NY is my home and I love it so much, but when you spend some time away from it you start to realize that it is a very high-pressure life style compared with other cities …

There’s so much competition on that Island that you really have to be doing something that’s a cut above to stay up there. I guess there’s some truth in the old saying …..

What are your top five possessions that you simply couldn’t do without?

My studio, NY Met Museum Membership, Strat guitar from the cover of Disconnect, my vintage Wurlitzer and a good wardrobe.

Name some of your favorite designers?

I love Diesel. They always have a great store presentation and unique twist on the everyday must have’s. Also, DSquared, Faith, and Dolce and Gabanna. I love Dior purses, and I have a weakness for Prada eyewear. Channel always have the best in classics.

How extensive is your knowledge of production, and can you tell us about any of the equipment you own?

Well, you know, I have been messing around with recording as long as I can remember, so I’ve always had a system to work with. That’s not to say I am technical, really I just learn to do the tasks I need. I have been around studios and real engineers a lot, and you learn from seeing what they do and how.

I own the usual stuff, computers, software, and lots of hard drives. I use a Metric Halo ULN2+DSP Firewire Audio interface. I have Neumann, Sennheiser and Shure mics and mostly plug directly into the ULN2 preamps. I have my Wurlitzer and my guitars. I usually record into Logic Pro where I edit/comp things up to create basic structures and finished composites, as well as, Protools to record instruments and also edit there. I also bring the same setup on the road with me when I travel, so I can always work wherever I am. With Logic on a laptop you can even work without the hardware, but the hardware makes it all sound even better.

To what do you owe the recent increase in your success? What has been your most memorable experience related to the music industry?

My new album HIGH GLOW has just been released. Also, I have a new single “Closer” coming out, with a great video to it.

Everyday is a new and memorable experience, so it is hard to pin down just one. A high point was releasing my first solo album DISCONNECT.

What projects do you have planned for the remainder of this year? Do you have any other comments for our readers?

Lots of new singles from HIGH GLOW coming soon. I have a brand new song NYC, with Richard Durrand on ISOS8. Started new songs with BT, back in the studio recording new material, and touring!

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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