JES recently released her sensational album Unleash The Beat, the follow up to her previous album High Glow and her music just gets better and better with each release.

What has been going on in your life recently?

JES: Everything has been going great. I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy and have started many new projects….as well as a new live show.

Your album Unleash The Beat (Ultra Music/Magik Muzik) was just released. Which tracks will be among the first few singles to be released?

JES: There will be two singles from it or maybe three. “Can’t Stop” will lead it off and I’m still deciding which other ones. “The Light In Things” with BT is out and also “Show Me The Way,” with Allure, but it’s a different version on UTB.

How does Unleash The Beat compare to your previous album High Glow?

JES: UNLEASH THE BEAT is my first mix CD in a series combining some of my well-known tracks with unreleased tracks and new songs. It’s purely a dance CD. My artist albums tend to be more varied and diverse and very much song based first. I do many different types of songs and tempos, but this CD I mixed as if DJing in a club and the songs definitely all started with the beat. I had such a fun time putting this album together! It was hard, too, because I would have included so many other songs on it.

I understand that the album contains previously unreleased productions. Is there any reason that these tracks were held back?

JES: Well there are songs that I didn’t have a release date set yet and I just held on for the right vehicle and the time for them. Some were bootlegs… some didn’t make it on HIGH GLOW and some I purely just decided to make for this record.

How soon after High Glow did you start planning the release of Unleash The Beat?

JES: I wanted to do another album, but I was still promoting singles from HIGH GLOW, so I thought why not make a mix CD. I had wanted to do it for a while and had been talking with my label about it, so it was in the pipeline. It just seemed that now was the right time! When I started to put it together it was supposed to be just tracks that had been out, but that wasn’t an easy plan for me to stick to. I wanted to write new material for it, and then it took on another life. I wanted to include tracks that were popular and then go into the now a bit. I love all my old songs, but any artist wants to move on, too. I liked the concept of this and the more I worked on it, the more into the mixing I got. I do all my podcasts and have done many guest mix shows, so I thought, might as well start making some mix albums too!

I must say the track “Fascination” has an absolutely filthy bass line! I must know the name of this sound, can you tell me?

JES: I love it too. It’s filthy bass a la Silcox!

Unleash The Beat features collaborations with a number of other artists. Some of the artist range from quite well known talent to artists that are somewhat new in the scene. Can you tell us more about the newcomers and how you discovered them?

JES: Well, Richard Robson from the UK has been one of my collaborators for a while and he should be known, because he really is so good. We have a great way of working together and have been able to collaborate for a couple of years now. He is very talented and we work on many different styles of music together and try different things. I really like that he gets where I’m coming from. I also worked with David Silcox, who is also from the UK. I got a thing for those Brits! I heard a mix of his on a radio show and found him. He did a mix for “My Love” and then I had him do “Fascination,” and he did a hot mix. It’s very different from some of the other songs on UNLEASH THE BEAT, and so it was perfect to create a different mood. Ronski Speed is well known and one of the sweetest guys. He also has respect for the process of working together and I really appreciate that. I loved his “Awaken” remix and I got so many emails about it. I like how he kept the edge of that song, so from that, we started another track, “Can’t Stop,” which is quite different but really catchy and energetic. Andy Duguid also did a great track for “Before You Go.” He put a spin on it for me and yet another flavor. We are on the same label and have wanted to collaborate on a song together for a while.

Can you share some experiences from your recent tour?

JES: So many experiences… and so many notes to self! It’s funny. Every time I do a show, I’ve got something else I must do for the next one. It’s ever-changing and evolving. It’s very crazy in our EDM world. You can perform in huge venues, then smaller ones, and then arenas. There are many different rooms night to night. No matter how hard it can be, I won’t complain. I still pinch myself sometimes. I’m just grateful to be doing it and not something I don’t want to do. I was in Ireland and I forgot what a fun and tough crowd they are. I don’t think I have ever gotten my ass slapped so many times in a show. I was on a huge stage and they still managed to get me. It was meant as an endearing thing, but I was rosy red at the end. [laughs] I just came from Denver, where the show was incredible. I’m always adding so many new songs into my set, and I did “Can’t Stop.” They couldn’t stop singing it! The last show I did was my rock show. It was great. I performed with my Rocktronica band and we had girls being lifted off the stage. It was very rowdy, just the way I like it! I was in Mexico and the Middle East, all very different places and very different shows from each other, but somehow you add in the music and so many of the experiences become one. I think that’s pretty amazing.

Many artists claim to have a special place they go to for inspiration besides the obvious choice; the studio. Is there such a place for you?

JES: I think that I kind of stay in some sort of creative place most of the time. I walk around thinking too much and something always makes me think of something else and I have to write it down or sing it into my phone. I get some interesting things in my sleep too while dreaming! Sometimes, I get full productions and crazy things in my dreams and I always keep my recorder near my head, because I remember them for only a brief moment or two then they disappear. I’ve gotten some good ideas from that. One of the best places though is at a concert, going to hear music. I love watching other artists. I come home with so many new ideas, even just driving and listening to the radio. I get to the studio and have got many new things I want to do. But…I do have my little writing booth in my bedroom with my Wurlitzer in it. I can lock myself in and sing all night if I want to.

Your album sounds amazing, I am very impressed! Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

JES: Thank you so much! I’d like to say that we also have a remix contest that started on June 20th. I wanted to include “Unleash The Beat” on the record and decided that I wanted some help. So, if you go to you still have a few more moments to sign up and get the stems. The winner of the remix contest will have a release with me and some cool prizes. Also, please check me out and keep up to date with me at, on twitter @official_jes, and Facebook at

– Interview by Zaneta Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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