Christopher Lawrence just released his new compilation on Moist music entitled Rush Hour. The official release date was just yesterday, June 22nd, 2010 so we reached out to Christopher for comment to find out more about this new release.

You recently performed with Judge Jules at Pacha on April 23rd, 2010. Would you like to share some of the highlights with us?

Pacha with Jules was a fantastic night. It was amazing to see such packed and rocking dance floor for underground trance in NYC. I am excited by the support that Pacha is giving to a trance night. It proves that if you play it the people will fans will come.

Playing with Jules is always a great time. I had just played several dates with Judge Jules at the WMC in Miami including the AM Only party and Jules own Judgement Wednesdays. I like the energy that Jules brings to the party. He is a quality DJ and has great interaction with the audience.

Where will the remainder of your North American tour take you throughout the rest of the year?

Pretty much everywhere. I am just now heading to Buffalo, Detroit, Vancouver, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami. I am also playing three dates in Los Angles and San Diego with Sara, my wife, as Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Then I have more solo dates in Chicago and Las Vegas.

Where did you have the most fun during your stay in Miami for WMC?

There were so any amazing adventures. But the best time was probably playing at Nikki Beach on the final Saturday at sunset as Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Judge Jules and Sandra Collins.

How are things progressing with the Mr. & Mrs. Smith project?

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith project is really picking up steam. We have a unique sound that is a tough underground electro sound but influenced by my years of experience demonstrating that gimmicky music never satisfies. What people want is tough body music and Sara has an uncanny ability to pick out sexy body music that packs the floor with girls!

I hear that you are starting a new compilation series on Moist Music. Would you like to tell us more about it?

The new compilation series on Moist Music is called Rush Hour after my monthly radio show of the same name. The Rush Hour series will feature the best tracks from the recent sets of the radio show as well as a few new surprises. I am really excites about this series as the tracks to choose from are proven winners and newly road tested floor fillers.

What sparked the idea for you to start the Rush Hour compilation series?

I can’t take complete credit for the idea of the Rush Hour series. I was planning to release another CD for Moist Music but had not given much thought as to the concept. It was Victor at Moist and Sara, my manager, that came up with the idea of merging the Radio Show and the compilation series. When it was presented to me I knew it was the perfect choice. The name Rush Hour has a long history beginning with my first UK top ten charting record.

What is the official release date?

The official release date June 22.

In regards to the Rush Hour radio show broadcasts, approximately how many listeners do you have on an average basis?

I don’t know as it goes out on over a hundred FM stations worldwide, Digitally Imported and other online stations, as well as being a podcast for download. There is really no way of knowing, but it is a lot because every city I go to I meet people that listen regularly to Rush Hour. And those are just the people at the clubs. There are thousands of people that just listen at wok, in the car or on their iPods.

Can you tell us how DJ rankings affect an artist?

They really don’t make that much of a difference. If it anything it can help reinforce to sponsors of events that a DJ is a recognized DJ. Sponsors don’t want to invest money in a party in which a promoter has just hired his roommate to DJ for the first time.

Do you listen to other genres of music besides EDM; and if so can you name a few bands or artists?

I really don’t get much time to listen to bands outside EDM. It is pretty much my life. However, I do like Iron Weazel.

You have a beautiful family, you should be very proud! Are Damian and Lola already studying to follow in your footsteps?

I am very proud of my family and they are proud of me. My son, Damian has already decided that he wants to be a DJ. Lola prefers to listen to my music in the back seat of the car and express her very discerning opinion as to which songs are good and which are “junk”.

What has been the hardest part of arriving at this point in your career and all of your accomplishments?

The hardest part is that I am working harder now than ever before and trying to balance time with my family. It used to be enough just to be a good DJ but not anymore. Now you have to be a DJ, producer, remixer, and radio show host.

Do you have any other major projects in mind for this year?

I am still trying to finish my new artist album.

Do you have any other comments for our readers?

Thank you for all the support over the years and I’ll see you on the dance floor.

Interview by Zaneta Soroko-Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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