Today we come to you with a thought provoking interview with none other than Andy Moor who has dropped his latest artist album Zero Point One in July. We asked Andy his perspectives on the state of EDM as well as how the digital age has affected music and he has a rather interesting take on things. The interview ends with an extremely powerful message from Andy and I quote “Listen to what you love, not what others love.”, and we really could not agree more.

What is the overall theme to your latest album Zero Point One?

It is an album that takes the listener on a showcase of a mixture of electronic styles, emotions and thought provoking feelings.

Have you decided on the next few singles to be released from the album?

“K Ta” has just been released and picked up by Armin van Buuren for his forthcoming compilation. Soon we will be releasing “Trespass”.

Which track on your latest album would you say you had the most difficulty with producing and why?

None of the tracks were particularly difficult to produce, but some of them took a lot of time due to a variety of factors. I often get a bit bored of a bassline, or structure, and then keep layering different sounds to give the track more depth, and then I keep doing extra production until I feel happy with the track. This can create difficulties and conflicting ideas so it then requires more time in sorting it all out.

What trends have you noticed in recent releases?

In recent club tracks there has been a shift towards the domination of the bassline, which has often been a feature of my tracks. I also notice a lot of other influences being featured in today’s music and a lot more creativity; people aren’t scared of exploring new sounds.

Do you think that the digital age improved the electronic music scene? If so, in which ways?

It has allowed more people to hear more music more easily. Before the digital age the fans of each genre were mostly restricted to hearing their own genre’s music. Now, they often get chance to hear so much more music due to the ease in which they can access such. It has also allowed a lot more people to make music; although this has also lead to an influx of mediocre music it has also produced so much more good creative music that would otherwise have been unheard of.

What elements does it take to create a successful album in today’s market?

I feel that it has to have longevity and create a legacy way beyond the few weeks surrounding its release. Music these days is more disposable than ever, so it is important to capture the listener and keep them coming back for more listens. If the music is deep enough, and has enough meaning then future listens should provoke the listener even more than before.

Tell us about how you got together with the collaborators on the album.

Lots of different ways, I worked with some of them before, some of the vocalists I had contacted and collaborated from there, some had contacted me, and we also held a competition with TalentHouse for a vocalist to perform on the last track on the album.

Did you assist in writing any of the lyrics for the vocal tracks?

Only on 2 of the tracks.

What exciting things are going on over at AVA Recordings these days?

We have some fantastic music from our artists along with more artist albums coming up. Artists such as Ashley Wallbridge are producing some fine music and have some amazing music coming up. We are also doing great things with the AVA Takeover nights.

Do you think Trance will ever die?

No, it will be hard for a genre to die that contains so many attributes, emotion, energy, tension release, groove etc. It contains a lot of elements that people look for in music.

Are you working on any other projects that you would like to tell us about?

I am working on some chillout tunes at the moment whilst out in Ibiza, and then will be working on some remixes back in the studio. I will also be touring the album in coming months.

Do you have any other comments for our readers?

Listen to what you love, not what others love.

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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