Rising UK DJ and Producer Ad Brown aka Maxi Volvona engaged in a Q & A session with us to let us know how the first emerged into the scene and what some of his upcoming plans are in regards to production, and releases. He even announced that there might even be a compilation in the works once he returns from his tour but you will just have to keep reading to find out…

How long have you been producing?

I have been producing 5 years and counting I started on Cuebase with a load of outboard gear, synths, compressors etc and now I use Logic with VST plug-ins. A sign of the times!

Have you received any training in production or Djing or did you learn on your own?

I studied at the Academy Of Contemporary Music in London for 2 years. Although I took a Business and Music course which had a focus on the mechanics of the Industry and placed less emphasis on music production. I really got into producing music while working for Serious Records, home of Sonique, Conductor and the Cowboy, Darren Tate and Judge Jules! We had an in house studio, which was a massive bonus. Soon as work finished we would dive straight in to the studio and stay there until the next day, hard-core!

How did you first break through into the scene?

My first real break through came from signing an EP to Black Hole Recordings back in 2008. I am really pleased with the progress I’ve made in roughly 2 years in the scene, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I continue to head in the same direction.

What inspired you to remix Holden & Thompson’s track “Nothing”?

It’s a track I love and have done since its original release some years ago. My feeling has always been that if you remix a great track then you have to do it justice while adding your stamp to the mix. I think I nailed that with the Holden and Thompson Mix but you never know at the time of producing the track. 3 separate labels tried to sign and license my mix so at that stage I realized it had potential to be big.

Of all your tracks and remixes which would you say that you are most proud of thus far?

I can name a couple! My first Ad Brown EP on Black Hole and one of my first EP’s under Maxi Valvona which was the first time a big artist remixed one of my tracks – I think the Komytea / Michael Cassette boys did a great job on ‘Mellow Dramatic’.

More recently I would have to say my 2 tracks on the new ‘In Search of Sunrise Album’. I grew up listening to the series so to be one of the most heavily featured artists on the latest mix is a dream come true.

How do your Ad Brown and Maxi Valvona aliases differ in terms of style?

Loosely I would say my Ad Brown productions are progressive / progressive-trance. Melodic and often with vocals while my Maxi releases are progressive-tech and generally a bit deeper and darker

Can you tell us a bit about your personality?

I am pretty chilled out and easygoing person who is also a massive music geek! I have a good team of people around me now who are helping to develop my career. Its important for me to work with people I know and trust. Besides music I do a lot of sport, football etc. although I have just done my back in so I am off to the physiotherapists after this interview!

What are some of your immediate goals in the Music business?

In November I am touring / traveling for 6 months around Asia and the South Pacific. I am really hoping for a successful tour and to travel / work with people in different parts of the world. My long term goal is to be in the top 100 DJ’s chart within 5 years which some might say is a big ask but its important to have goals!

Can you describe your equipment set up for us?

Sure! I run Logic 8 with some nice VST’s including Predator, Blue, Albino, Massive, and Novation Bass Station. I have an M-Audio full Keyboard, Genelec speakers and a 23-inch Dell Monitor. I sometimes use a friend’s studio in Brixton but I wont run through the list of equipments because we will be here all day!

What are some of your favorite tracks or artists at the moment?

One of my good friends Matt Lange is a really incredible producer. As is PROFF who I have just done a new collab with. PROFF’s track Albina out on Anjunadeep is pretty immense but to be honest there are so many talented producers around! For more chilled out and deep progressive sounds I would recommend an artist called ‘Ormatie’ any day.

What locations have you performed in so far?

More in Europe, and the US than in the UK strangely. I think maybe the UK scene takes itself a bit too seriously! I recently got back from a US tour including my debut at Pacha with Glenn Morrison. That was pretty special. This year I am playing in Holland, the south of France and starting a tour in November so good times ahead.

Are there any plans for an upcoming artist album?

I plan to write a lot of music while on tour and include influences from the people I meet and the places I visit. I will certainly look at putting together a mix comp or album when I get back. Kind of my own version of: ‘In Search of Sunrise’ maybe

What are other projects do you have in the works that you would like to tell us about?

LOADS! I am just finishing a couple of big official remixes. One for a group called ‘Sirens’ with Jerome Isma-Ae also on the remix package. The new Mr Fogg single with John Digweed on the package. I am also doing a remix for one of the 90’s biggest dance groups ‘Blue Amazon’ which is out in Spetember. I have just signed an EP to Menno De Jong’s label intuition deep and a track called ‘Slide’ to Sonny Wharton’s label, besides that I am always working on a number of individaul projects, remixes, and collabs to keep myself out of trouble!

Do you have any other comments for your fans?

If you want to know more about the tour or even book a tour date you can still contact me here: Keep supporting electronic dance music and don’t accept anything less than the best. Thanks!!!

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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