Henry Saiz follows the recent release of his Balance 019 mix compilation by touring North America, including stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and select dates in Mexico.

Henry is the quintessential audiophile DJ/producer. A lover of the analogue sound, he works in both the hardware and software worlds to create textures and soundscapes rarely heard in dance music today. His recent Balance 019 mix is a perfect example: using four track recorders, vinyl, reprocessing and reediting, many tracks were individually honed and refined before combining for the final product.

His DJ sets carry a similar renown to his productions, and his Balance mix. Attuned, nuanced, technical, and subtle, Henry takes great pride in creating an experience of varied genres, traveling through all variations of tech and deep house, tribal music and acoustics, as well as brief flirtations with techno.

Henry Saiz North American Tour Dates
August 19 San Francisco, CA @ Mighty
August 20 Los Angeles, CA @ Vanguard
August 24 New York, NY @ Bar 13
August 26 Mexico City, Mexico @ Fever Club
August 27 Playa del Carmen, Mexico @ Kool Beach Club

Some praise for Balance 019…

“Two strong mixes from the eclectic Spanish producer for the latest Balance. Disc one approaches gentle psychedelia – without becoming too abstract – moving through progressive house and blissed-out techno, all of which hits home. Disc two is far techier, but also brimming over with quirks and character. Plenty to enjoy.” – DJ Mag

“I don’t want to be accused of hyperbole, but Henry’s track selection, his use of melodic, harmonious music and his programming over the first nine tracks of disc one are on a par with any mix of music I have heard in the past five years.” –

“Easily a 9 out of 10 on this one. The reasoning for such a high rating is simple. You can tell Henry poured in days if not weeks putting together the track list, samples and edits, and finish touches for this one. It’s a gem of a mix and shows the world just how talented Henry is.” –

Besides a busy touring schedule, Henry continues his studio work, which in the past month includes his new original production “The Way the Sunlight Plays Upon Her Hair”, and a remix of Radiohead’s “Codex”, which is available for free download on the official Henry Saiz Facebook Page. A variety of additional studio work is available on his SoundCloud page.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Radiohead “Codex” (Henry Saiz remix)

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