“LÄUFT.” This term has begun to appear with increasing frequency around Felix these last weeks. But, what is it? It’s really easy: it is the title of his new, awaited for almost five years, solo album, appearing on 30th of September!

“I came across the idea during my DJ gigs, especially at a party in Bonn, Germany, but it was also a recurring phrase in my daily routines. It exactly expresses what the album is about. Impulsive, groovy music, which encourages you to listen and to dance. Simply “LÄUFT.”” (German slang term for “in progress / it runs.”)

The “LÄUFT.” album, which will be released on Nouveau Niveau Records will appear exclusively on Beatport on 16th of September and will be available at all record and online stores from 30th of September 2011. The official single release to accompany the album will also appear on 16th of September, including, alongside the original mixes of the tracks “LÄUFT.” and “PASST.”, remixes from artists like K-Paul from Lexy & K-Paul and Remute. Furthermore, as part of the album, for one track each, Felix has collaborated with his long friend and colleague Elmar Strathe from Cologne, Germany and the Nouveau Niveau label boss himself, Tom Novy.

“To release the album on Tom Novy’s label Nouveau Niveau was a matter of the heart for me. Tom and I get along swimmingly, we have similar opinions about music and are also tuned to the same wavelength as people. He was one of the first I presented the complete album to and he told me totally honestly what was good, in his opinion and which things I had to rework. I really like his honest character and this is the best basis, beside our friendship, to work together also as business partners regarding this project.”
The album will be attended by a top-class, international tour including over 40 “LÄUFT.” tour dates. Started at the 30th of July with an rollicking party in Mannheim, Germany, Felix will present his album not only in German metropolises like Cologne, Munich, Hamburg or Stuttgart, but also international, beneath others in Tokyo, Paris, St. Petersburg, Madrid, Vienna, Amsterdam or Milan till the end of the year.

„Sure, the main focus of the “LÄUFT.” tour will be my home territory. Without this home base I just wouldn’t be at this point of my life, where I am today. To celebrate with my fans is a very special pleasure for me. These fans followed me throughout my last 10 years as a DJ and so you could say that the album is also a part of them, which they gave to me through my gigs.“

Whoever knows Felix Kröcher, knows that, since his DISCOVER world tour in 2010, he is one of the global players of the international scene. For over three years he has been represented in the top three of Raveline magazine’s voting and referred to as “German Techno Meister” by DJ Mag. He presents his multifarious, yet unique definition of electronic dance music to his listeners all around the globe every weekend.

Simply “LÄUFT.”

Tracklist // Felix Kröcher – LÄUFT.

6. SÄGT.

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