Luxurious nightclub Lavo NYC, held a spot for nineteen year old, electro connoisseur, Porter Robinson who was ready to take the limelight. The exclusive club, dress to impress, got the night going before the main set with DJ Bambi, a female DJ and a real class act. The ambiance of crystal, spinning disco-balls above the tables and Grey Goose bottles being popped, had everyone ready for the producer who has already made his name big in lights.

After signing with Skrillex’s label OWSLA and releasing his debut EP Spitfire, while doing this all before even being legal to party, the sensational artist has charted at #1 for his single ‘Say My Name.’ Porter opened with this record, getting the crowd ready for a long thrill ride ahead! During Miami music week, Porter’s newest single ‘Language’ had all the heads talking and now slammed Beatport at #1! When he dropped the track, it lured people right in like kids in a candy store. Some of the nights highlights were Skrillex’s ‘Summit’, Arty’s ‘Punk’, Nicky Romero’s ‘Generation’ and of course the classic from Tiesto ‘Maximal Crazy.’ Early in the night, Porter dropped the newly released record from Nari and Milani ‘Atom’, which had the club goers dancing up on table tops. One of the undeniably best Porter Robinson records ‘Vandalism’, featuring the exceptionally talented vocalist Amba Shepherd, captivated right into everyone’s ears. The imagery within the lyrics and gripping melody, gives it the title as the most compelling and catchiest track on the album. Once Porter’s very own hit ‘Unison’, got the crowd pounding the floor, glowing light sticks were given out for everyone to hold high. Another massive song of the night was ‘The Seconds’ featuring the beautiful vocals of Jano.

If the crowd didn’t know Porter’s name beforehand, they sure did now and were in for a night full of treats at Lavo! Porter Robinson is on a rapid grind and will be with no question, in the electronic music scene, pumping out massive hits, for the youthful, dance music lover’s generation.

Review by Brooke Forman

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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