Paul Oakenfold at Vain Orlando December 13th, 2013
The nightclub Vain, located in downtown Orlando, Florida, brought the classic, British DJ Paul Oakenfold of Perfecto Records, to rock the venue for one glorious night. As expected, the line to get into the club was wrapped around the block filled with anticipation of rockin’ out all night with the one and only Paul Oakenfold.
Vain is the perfect venue to invite Oakenfold because of its intimate size, which gives him the ability to connect his music to the crowd on a personal level. There were fans that were able to reach out and shake his hand from the VIP section. A few people took pictures with him after the show had ended. All night, the upstairs is where you could find the dance party people who needed the extra room for their louder-than-life dance moves as Oakenfold mixes below them. The large area upstairs has a full bar and seating with bottle service.
Meanwhile, located downstairs in the center of Vain, sits the best VIP lounge spot because of the view to see the DJ perform, which also includes bottle service and a sexy dancer to complete the package. From the dance floor to the full bar downstairs, it was packed with party people having the time of their lives. The highest energy of excitement was directly below Oakenfold at the DJ booth on the dance floor. This area is where you could find the most eager fans chanting out his name while dancing. It was as if the crowd had become one as they swung black light sticks in the air while the music vibrated through their bodies. These were the fans with their cell phones ready
for documenting this amazing experience. They came to witness a legendary Paul Oakenfold in the flesh. Oakenfold delivered choice music selections and satisfied Orlando’s dance music lovers for the night.
Learn more about Paul Oakenfold
He is more than a DJ in the music industry, as he shapes the global dance music scene. Yet, since a teenager and always and forever, he’s a DJ that wants to rock massive crowds with epic dance mixes for the masses. He wants to share his passion for music with the world.
He has an online radio segment called Planet Perfecto and uploads the radio show to his page If you want to see him perform live you can locate his tour dates on his website, You can find his music on Beatport and iTunes

Review & Photography by Jessica Northey

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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