New Yorkers, Jerseyites and Connecticuteers brave the blustery autumn night to venture out and see Paul Oakenfold at Pacha, an occasion worth noting. Liquid Todd opens with no joking around during his first set. A dark, sexy lounge feel due to the lighting – covers the club, and has everyone warming-up to these sultry sounds. There certainly is no shortage of partyers tonight. From the view above, I cannot even see the dance floor here; an ocean of bodies covers every inch of space.

While playing, Liquid Todd gets on the microphone to assure this crowd that Paul is coming, and then drops Arty’s “Around the World”. LT energetically jumps for joy. An abrupt transition does not interrupt his flow, and a quick recovery allows for redemption. Even during a less-exemplary track selection, the crowd digs him eclectically mixing house, techno and progressive pieces.

A hush falls-over the crowd as Oakenfold steps onto the stage. Keeping a vibe with the dark setting, Starkillers and Alex Kenji featuring Nadia Ali “Pressure (Alesso Remix)” plays as everyone claps along to the beat. Paul, a diligent and methodical DJ, concentrates heavily upon his work. He then breaks loose to have fun, and points to those fans raising their hands. I think he planned something extra special for this wonderful city of ours. Speaking of monumental, we hear PPK’s “Resurrection (Remy le Duc and EC Twins Remix)”, a classic with great memories; this version brings about new ones.

The video screens hanging above the dance floor play along to Mia Dahli’s “Need You Now (Kenneth Thomas Remix)” song. Dirty South’s “Coming Home (Club Mix)” follows, and this crowd loves every second, staring up in awe. Now Moguai’s “Optinuum (Mau5trap version)” definitely throws hands high into the air. Paul really tears the house down. A fantastic, unknown song plays after to compliment this dark, amazing, beautiful night. Really massive breakdowns resonate, as Oakey eggs-on the crowd. Everyone chants along to the “One Nation Army” White Stripes bootleg, as Pacha’s horn blares loudly.

The Eurhythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Other Side” and “Mr. Brightside” remixes contribute to a bit popular of song selections. Pacha’s sound system still sounds great and pleases people. Oakenfold interacts with the masses clapping and cheering. At 3 in the morning, the tempo is still climbing. Beat Service featuring Emma Locke “Cut and Rub (Dub Mix)” resonates loudly and appropriate lasers start flying! Overpowering everyone with bass, the Markus Schulz and Justine Suissa version of Cass and Slide’s “Perception (New Vocal mix)” delights club-goers. As Paul shakes everyone’s hands good night, Tempur Trap’s “Sweet Deposition (Astrix Remix)” concludes an enjoyable evening.

Written by Svetlana Sforza
Photos by Tom Beagan for

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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