He’s a producer and DJ who is often described as the newcomer of the industry. He has released anthem after anthem in the clubbing genre and in an earlier interview stated, “It’s all about having a good time again.” Netherland native Dash Berlin made his debut in New York City’s most top-tier landmark Webster Hall, Saturday March 21, 2011. After producing some of the most memorable anthems to date like Man on the Run, and Till the Sky Falls Down, he has paved his way to US soil and is now here to represent what he’s all about. With ‘Aropa’, a record label he created with friends and his new 2CD compilation released this year titled “United Destination,” the road seems to be a bright one for this bombshell of talent. Dash Berlin aka Jeff X. Sutorius truly put on a show for the people and you had to of been there.

The crowd was massive (no pun intended) but no problem for the venue as it is known to hold some of the best shows in New York City from artists that span as far as Animal Collective, The Roots and even Tina Turner. The 2,500 capacity venue was packed as early as 12:15pm and as one clubber put it, “I have never seen Webster Hall this packed!”

The night started out with DJ Opener James Gill, who like any music enthusiast started out at a young age and has opened up for some of the greatest talents of NYC such as Jason Jollins, Zack Roth, and DJ Eco. A true DJ in his trade and shown in his track selections which were full of heavy bass-lines, techy percussions and lots of melodic interludes such as Modern Love by Brisker & Magitman and Nice View by Chris Gavin, it was no wonder why the crowd felt so familiar with it.

By 12:50pm the long and awaited Dash Berlin entered the stage and opened with a track that was noted as one of the most memorable anthems of 2007, Till the Sky Falls Down. Still being a very popular track since its release date. He even rocked out remixes of epic tracks such as Ferry Corsten’s Punk, Solid Sessions’ Janiero and even DJ Tiesto’s Lethal Industry. All tracks that at first glance you would think, how would all of these tracks go together, right? Wrong. Dash’s style of Trance is truly something to look out for and pay closer attention to. All tracks we all grew-up with and loved worked seamlessly great with each other.

By 2:50am you can see sweaty silhouettes created by the strobe-action and lights flashing different colors. Dash impressed many and I’m pretty sure everyone in the crowd felt mutual. He played Till the Sky Falls down a second time mashing it up with Insomnia by Faithless, who in earlier tweets has just retired and has put out their final album. Dash was so happy by the end that he jumped away from the decks and threw out complimentary t-shirts to the crowd. With arms flaring and people shouting Dash’s final tracks for the night were Never Cry Again featuring Kate Walsh, and Waiting featuring Emma Hewitt, both, that you can find on his new compilation. The night for Dash was finally over…but not for the people.

Zack Roth, a DJ and producer who has opened up for some of the greatest DJ’s in the hottest venues nationwide and has even come out with his own release titled, ‘Tekkadon’ (out now on, which was first introduced on Silk Royal Records and highly supported from the likes of Andy Moor, Solarstone, and Jaytech who played the track at Ultra’s Music Festival. Zack’s first track of the night started out with Orjan Nilsen’s Go Fast. His second track of the night (which was the track of the night for his set) JOOP’s The Future, really got the crowd riled up and the place went wild. The crowd was feeding off Zack’s hi-energy mixing and Zack was feeding off the crowd. With bass in your face and lights flashing the night just didn’t want to give up. Zack kept bringing it to the people by playing tracks like Markus Schulz’s Sinners, Paul Ercossa’s Adrenaline and Filterfunk’s S.O.S. with a Sander Van Doorn Remix. Things couldn’t get more interesting but it did. Zack handed the ranks to Bissen, a multi-talented DJ, producer, audio engineer, you name it, and he’s done it.

The party kept going way past my curfew but from leaving the place you can still hear the music pumping while birds chirping were in the background. All of the DJ’s that played that night truly were phenomenal. Dash made his print on many hearts and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear from him.

Review Written by: Jeff An
Photos by: Chuck Kwok

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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