Markus Schulz showed up in D.C. in full force along with KhoMha and The M Machine, as one of the stops along his Scream Bus Tour. When the lineup was announced for the evening, many trance fans, including myself, were surprised to see the electro house group The M Machine slotted in the middle of two trance sets. However, in the end I have to say the mix of styles seemed to energize the crowd, and by the time Markus came on there was no holding them back, they were ready for the trance journey that Markus was about to lay out for them.

As it neared 1 a.m., the crowd was breathless as Markus took to the stage and with one launch of confetti and the speakers blasting his new track, ‘Scream,’ the night took off. You could feel the emotions in the air as the entire venue sang out the lyrics to some of Markus’ own hit tracks such as ‘Nothing Without Me’ feat. Ana Diaz and ‘Tempted’ feat. Sarah Howells. Arms rose to the ceiling as he dropped some well-known favorites such as ‘Live Forever’ by Ferry Corsten feat. Aruna, ‘Love Rain Down’ by Markus feat. Seri, and ‘Waiting’ by Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt. The dance floor came to life and everybody’s feet were moving when ‘D# Fat’by Armin Van Buuren & W&W played, and of course the night wouldn’t have been complete with some tracks by his new trance partner in crime Ferry Corsten such as ‘Punk’ and their collaboration of ‘Loops and Tings’.

For those that haven’t returned to Echostage since the venue reopened last month, things haven’t changed much. The owners have installed a new sound system to replace the one that they were previously renting – and this new one sounds just as good as the old one. There is plenty of bass without middling out the high end. If you’re attending a show at Echostage though, you may want to bring a pair of earplugs because this system can really pump it!

The lighting for the show was very down and dirty, giving the club an underground feel that only added to the whole experience. The lasers that were prominently featured during Calvin Harris’ set the week before were nowhere to be found this week, but that meant that nothing was there to distract all the trance fans from the beautiful music pouring forth from the speakers. The rest of the lighting was masterfully timed with the music, and the high definition led wall made sure that all the video could be seen crystal clear from the front to the back of the venue.

During the time while it was closed, Echostage went through some renovations – but don’t worry – the overall layout of the venue hasn’t changed much other than the addition of a brand new smoker’s patio and an extension of the vip areas. The restrooms have also been expanded making the wait practically nonexistent throughout the show. Overall, I think the changes are for the better, but I can imagine that sold out shows will get fairly tight.

Time and time again, Club Glow shows why they are one of the best in the business, and Markus Schulz, America’s #1 DJ, played an absolutely impeccable set from start to finish and slayed every unicorn that was in attendance.

Review by Doug Astler

Photography by Maggie Popovich

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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