Droid Behavior has been a staple in the west coast Techno scene hosting event in the Los Angeles area for many years. They have billed countless talented artists including Chris Liebing, and Speedy J with unsurpassed multimedia production value. As a record label; Droid Recordings is the home of releases by many top notch artists such as Audio Injection and Drumcell additionally featuring remixes by the likes of Ben Klock, Dustin Zahn, Tony Rohr and plenty more.

Last year Droid toured in Europe with several stops in Germany including Berlin, and Frankfurt and continued into the UK, Belgium and Switzerland. They also recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. From time to time they bring their expertise of hosting events over to the east coast and throw some proper events in New York City as well as collaborative efforts. Drumcell; the founder of Droid Recordings is certainly no new jack to the New York scene. He has performed in several venues in the big apple in the past including The National Underground, Sullivan Room, and Open House. It was only a matter of time that the Droid team made their collective debut on this side of the USA.

If you are one to eat, sleep, and shit techno then the Interface 40 event by Droid behavior, Oktave, and Sama was the place to be on Saturday December 15th. This event had an amazing atmosphere and the music spanned across many forms of Techno. You could feel the event from the moment you walked up the stairs into the venue where the epic music was vibrating the floor. This event had been hyped up by countless Techno fanatics for weeks and generated massive buzz on message board’s right up until the moment it began.

With an amazing artist line up including Drumcell, Truncate, Razi, Jeff Derringer, and Taimur one could say this event would be truly intense. The epic visuals by Oktaform danced around with the music flawlessly capturing the eyes of the crowd sucking you in little by little. It was hard to not get swept away while dancing to the music.

I find it very hard to believe anyone could have been disappointed by this fantastic event. I can’t wait for the next one. The live PA set preformed by Drumcell, Truncate, Razi was incredible. The hard hitting sounds and underground Techno set this performance to its own standard. The event started bit later then I was normally was used too but carried on to the early hours of the morning. The event location was announced hours before the show ensuring that only the closest followers were in attendance this making this event filled with only true fans. Close friends and an intimate setting helped keep the mood of this event fantastic.

The people at Droid Behavior really know how to host an amazing party, and this was one to be remembered. I will be sure to return to many more of these events for years to come as I can see the potential growth and creativity from this particular brand. They have definitely gained a new found respect in my book. I would highly recommend to everyone to check out their events in the future.

Line Up:

Drumcell [CLR, Electric Deluxe, Droid, Blank Code / LA]

Truncate [Electric Deluxe, CLR, Droid / LA]

Raiz [Droid, Electric Deluxe, Hidden Recordings / LA]

Jeff Derringer [M_Rec LTD, Electric Deluxe, Perc Trax / Chicago]

Taimur [BlkMarket Membership, Halcyon / New York]

Video by Oktaform

Review & Photography by Jordan Zamore

Edited by Zaneta Ortiz

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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