Cosmic Gate with Zack Roth & Bissen at Pacha Friday January 27th, 2012

What do you get when you take the biggest club franchise in the world and put one of the biggest trance artists in world together? You get a packed mad house!

That was definitely the outcome this past Friday night of January 27, 2012 at Pacha NYC. Pacha had a name all too familiar in the trance scene; Cosmic Gate. The windy night did not stand a chance for this massive night to go wrong. Doors were open and a line of die hard Cosmic Gate fans were waiting to get their feet in the door. The room was dark with dim lights at the corners of the wall and little smoke was in the air as to create that genuine club experience atmosphere. In the beginning of the night Zack Roth was the opener and a good opener indeed. Zack started out with some deep slow house grooves and eventually progressed to something more magical. There was a little bit of everything in his set; it had the deep, the emotional, the funky progressive techno house, all the things that any proper opening DJ should be armed with. These grooves kept the audience hungry for more and waiting for Cosmic Gate’s arrival.

By 12 a.m. the once empty main floor was a packed wave of hard trance heads and it wasn’t only the main floor, but all three rooms! The Pacha dancers were doing what they do best, the smoke machine was on full blast and bartenders were too busy to take in some time to breath. No matter where you went in the club pushing and shoving was bound to happen. Same goes for the DJ booth as it was filled with close friends of Cosmic Gate and a table full of drinks. The majority of the crowd looked to be in their early to mid 20’s so you know they had tons of energy to give out for the night, but besides to the great DJ duo Cosmic Gate, there was also a live singer along for this night and she goes by the name of Emma Hewwit. Even though there was not much room for her to move around Emma ended up using and area available to reach out to the crowd and interact while singing with her angelic voice she climbed on top of the DJ booth table while pressing against the ceiling to keep her balance. She sang her four top charted songs; ‘Be Your Sound’, ‘Colours’, ‘Calm Down’ , and ‘Not Enough Time’.

After she sang her last song Cosmic Gate jumped back into their energetic set. They played classics such as ‘Exploration of Space’, and as a personal request by a long time fan they played ‘Should have known’ which goes to show you how dedicated Cosmic Gate is to their fans. In the end all the glowstick waving and hands in the air was worthwhile to see these two DJ’s. Their high intensifying sound brought the room over the edge as even one diehard fan from the main floor attempted to climb the DJ booth or at least hang on the edge like a monkey.

Cosmic Gate encored with the track “Find Yourself” by John O’Callaghan and at that point Bissen took over the decks to close out the night. He did a great job of retaining the crowd’s attention well into the hours of the morning by keeping the energy going.

Review by Dave Arakelyan

Photos by Shant Dosttur for

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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