They were nominated by Beatport in the category of Best Selling Trance Artist and was nominated Best Remixer, received two IDMA nominations for their ‘Not Enough Time’ single and ranked #24 in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ poll. What they aren’t capable of doing is by far not in their vocabulary.

Nic Chagall and Stefan Bossems together known as Cosmic Gate graced the tables at Pacha in New York City this past Friday, January 21. After releasing their new compilation “Back2Back 4” with new tracks like “Alex Armes – Hypnotize” and their newest single “Barra” the level of professionalism and passion is very much clear from these two guys from homeland Germany and what they have brought to the forefronts of Trance music.

The 30,000-square-foot venue known as Pacha looking even better with its new decor of high-tech gadgetry and cherry-accented upholstery presented the night with opening DJ Brad Miller. A DJ who has played alongside professionals such as Ferry Corsten and BT. Brad Miller brought it to the crowd, as he was not lacking in any part of his set. With top hits like Barry Jamieson’s Homecoming and Roland Klinkenberg’s Monday Groove I knew that the show was only going to get better. The place looked great and the crowd was great as they danced like no one was watching.

By 12:30PM the crowd started to get rowdy as chants of Cosmic Gate echoed the establishment. A bright light from a photographer’s camera, which seemed to follow the dynamic duo to the DJ booth, let everyone know who were about to enter the stage. As smiles were greeted to the dance floor Cosmic Gate started their journey through Trance with Mark Eteson feat. Aruna – Let Go. The chilling effect that starts from the bottom of your spine and creeps its way around you was a mutual feeling on the dance floor as people sang the lyrics out loud.

The crowd was massive and the night was full of classics that made any clubbing veteran happy. Tracks such as Jam & Spoon’s Age of Love, Nadia Ali’s Rapture, and Fire/Wire that were all revamped with new remixes truly were all crowd pleasers and it seemed that Cosmic Gate was just getting into the groove! By 2:30AM I felt the real party started. Cosmic Gate put out Sanctuary a Gareth Emery Remix and Not Enough Time, which was, in my opinion the track of the night. The party kept going and it seemed like more people were coming in then leaving. By 4:00AM the music seemed to get quieter which only made the crowd get louder asking for one more track. However one more track was not put on, instead Cosmic Gate put out banger after banger like Exploration of Space and Analog Feel.

As all epic nights go, the night must be put to an end and so the last track Cosmic Gate played was Oceanlab’s Sirens of the Sea a Cosmic Gate remix of course and then DJ Wayde Rafnel stepped up to the plates to end the night right. I won’t bore you with the details but he threw down some hard beats. When Wayde closed the party people didn’t want to leave. To emphasize on the way he was playing that night, think Simon Patterson after hours and you got Wayde Rafnel’s style in a nutshell.

Personally, the night was all right. If you want to get over critical about the night then fine, after all we New Yorkers know a thing or two about partying. But if you were here to have a night full of good times with your friends, you would overlook how safe Cosmic Gate’s set was and emphasize more on how much fun you had that night because the name says it all people, they’re Cosmic Gate.

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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