As the nights get colder and a little bit darker, New York City nightlife heats up with new venues and new experiences left and right. For those willing to make the trek, BRKWHS blew away the nightlife scene this past weekend with a 11 hour party featuring Tommy Four-Seven and Chris Liebing. Playing into the “underground” feel, the location of the warehouse venue the event was to be held at was not released to the public until 24 hours before, ultimately found to be an off-the-beaten-path venue in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. Despite the hour-plus trek for Manhattanites, fans eagerly made the trek to South Brooklyn for a night of pounding beats.

To start off the night, NYC favorites the Beat Bros welcomed techno-heads into the massive venue. Many attendees started their Halloween celebrations early, clad in spooky, sexy, and silly costumes as they ventured around the warehouse, while the lighting brought a dark yet sexy vibe to the dance floor. The venue filled quickly as fans were eager to get to the party, while a line began forming outside the door. The Beat Bros have become regular openers at some of the top venues in New York City, mastering the art of warming up the crowd.

Up Next, CLR label regular and Brit Tommy Four Seven brought his signature style to the decks as the crowd took over the dance floor. His dark, gritty sound echoed through the sound system, shaking the walls with incredible sound. He was a perfect way to break up the night, bringing a trippy, almost psychedelic sound to his sound and creating techno unlike anyone else. Unlike many artists, Tommy’s set was unpredictable in the best possible way, weaving from beat to beat yet completely throwing you into a frenzy with each new song he transitioned to. Whether he mixed in one of his original tracks or his many remixes, the crowd was stomping along the entire time.

Finally, as many parties began to wrap up in other parts of the city, Chris Liebing took the stage around 5am for a much-anticipated set that would last late into Sunday morning. At this point in the night, the crowd was ecstatic for some driving German techno, and Liebing had just the prescription. As fans were still entering the warehouse despite the early morning hour, Liebing slowly built up the entire crowd, constructing a set layer by layer that would take the entire audience from one point to the next, completely mesmerized by the beat. When some DJs talk about using long sets to take you on a journey, all pale in comparison to Liebing’s artistry—from beginning to end, his set transcended time and space, hypnotizing the crowd with techno perfection.

All in all, BRKWHS proved not to be a party for the weak—the true warriors were the fans that came early and stayed late into the morning, ready to crawl straight to a post-Liebing brunch. Despite having a lot of options this Halloween weekend, BRKWHS had an awesome turnout, proving that the underground is still alive and well. While their next pop-up party isn’t currently slated until January, Liebing and Tommy Four Seven’s incredible sets will definitely keep us dancing until then.

Review by Maggie Popovich

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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