There was much to celebrate this past Saturday when Eris Revolution celebrated their 1-year anniversary of supporting some of NYC’s best local DJs. With glowsticks and LED jewelry, the crowd was neon clad at Chrystie 141 for a night of all types of trance, led by a true NYC trifecta—Bissen, Thomas Datt, and up and comer Dave Barbera. The party felt incredibly intimate, with a good portion of the die-hard NYC trance crowd making an appearance for the night and excited for a great line-up of music.

To start off the night, the heads of Eris Revolution warmed up the crowd with an opening set as the NY trance family came in from the cold. They were immediately warmed up from dancing to Affection and Moneta’s set as the room began to fill. The crowd came through early to catch Bissen as he took to the decks. Along with being Eris’ anniversary, the night also celebrated Bissen’s 150th episode of Tranceatlantic, featuring some of the best of his trance career. From his many Exostate collaborations with vocalist Jeza to his own productions, the crowd was eager to celebrate such a huge milestone. His newer tracks like “Monster” mixed perfectly with previous tunes such as “Easily I Fell” and his collaboration with Victor Dinare “Tonight You are Perfect”which kept everyone dancing and singing along. Bissen’s sets are always packed with beautiful vocals and uplifting melodies sure to stick in your head for days, even weeks to come.

As Bissen brought his set to a close, fans were just as eager to see our next hometown trance hero, Thomas Datt take the stage. “Datt Ass” was in full effect tonight, keeping the energy at an all-time high. Keeping the bpm high and the trance hard, Datt crafted a set fit for the biggest trance snobs. Finally, closing out the night with his signature 138+ style, Dave Barbera took to the decks and kept the crowd moving until the wee hours of the morning. While Dave has only been on the scene for the past year, he is setting the decks on fire with his notoriously hard and fast sets, with tracks like James Dymond’s remix of Binary Finary’s “1998” and a spectacular mashup of “Stresstest”and “Rapture”. It was impossible not to dance throughout his entire set. Needless to say, we will definitely see more of Dave in the NYC trance scene and beyond.

Overall, it’s nights like these that remind me what brought me to trance in the first place—great music, great friends, and a laidback atmosphere without judgement. For those that braved the cold (and hangovers from the night before) they were treated to a truly epic night of trance music. Congratulations to Bissen on 150 episodes and Eris on a year full of great parties—we can only hope for another year of greatness from the DJs and everyone who made the night possible!

1. Matthew Dunne-Splint
2. Sarah McLachlan-The First Noel (Bissen’s Alpha Wave Remix)
3. ID-ID
4. Paul Webster-The Joker (Heatbeat Remix)
5. Exostate-Monsters
6. Audio Playground feat. Snoop Lion-You Never Know (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
7. Depeche Mode-Soothe My Soul (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
8. Eminence & Johann Stone-Volcano
9. Tempo Giusto & Ima’gin-Europia (Synthika Tech Edit)
10. ATB-Let You Go (Original vs. E-Craig’s 2005 Rework)
11. Exostate-Easily I Feel (Original Mix)
12. Holden & Thompson-Nothing (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
13. Sean Tyas-Now You See
14. Senadee-Life Support Machine (Bissen Remix)
15. Victor Dinaire & Bissen-Ikon
16. Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren-We Come Together
17. Victor Dinaire & Bissen ft. Peter Finley-2nite U R Perfect (Original Mix)

Review & Photography by Maggie Popovich

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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