Arnej at Cielo with Danny Shoc & Mir Omar January 19th, 2014

Cielo. I’m unsure what proper meaning Cielo nightclub in the Meatpacking district of NYC is supposed to embody. Maybe it’s directly translated to “sky”; for its abundance of great events. Or maybe the owners of this club chose the name Cielo to reflect the feeling of “heaven” that is experienced upon entering and hearing one of the US’s top sound systems. It’s also very possible that the creators coined the club’s name as Cielo because they were well aware that they have a “paradise” in their hands. Whatever the literal translated meaning, Cielo is often referred to as a favorite of NYC. Because it’s so incredibly popular I often find myself in a massive crowd, but I did manage to find a bit of room to dance on Sunday January 19th.

It was a holiday weekend (Happy MLK Day everyone!) and the club was offering an open bar from 10pm-11pm. As if that was not enough to pack a venue, on this same night we were to be graced with the presence of three great DJs. The headliner- Arnej, known best for his beautiful and driving Coldharbour sounds, along with opener’s Mir Omar and Danny Shoc. Mir and Danny are local favorites, and alone these two are capable of brining in a decent crowd. Paired with free vodka, I was worried about my personal dance floor space. (Yes, I am a brat).

We began the night with Mir on decks, so I wanted to get into the venue as soon as possible. Mir has this great way of starting off super slow and building to a point where you didn’t even realize you were no longer mingling but now dancing. Anyone who knows me, knows I generally take the opening of an event to chit chat and to get to the bar. However, this particular night Mir was throwing the music at us and I actually found myself forgetting about open bar and was enjoying the tunes. Mir sped the tunes up and magically as a larger crowd began to arrive and I was now surrounded by another hundred people. It was approaching 11pm and last few tunes of Mir Omar’s fantastic opening were upon us and I was clearly not alone in enjoying it to its full potential. There was not one body standing still, not one face without a smile. The few people who didn’t know who was on the decks, were running around asking and I could see the local pride in the faces of those who were so happy to answer “That’s Mir he’s from NYC”. The highlight of the set was when Mir dropped Matt Lange’s “Nutclap” and the crowd went wild. There are no screams that quite match those I heard during this track.

Next up was Danny Shoc which was another small surprise to me, because I thought Danny would be closing. When I saw him go on, I can’t deny that I was a little sad. Not because the headliner wasn’t on yet, but because Danny does a terrific job with closing duties. He keeps trance in our lives, along with enough speed to still be called a closer yet not losing the crowd all together. I was nervous we might be revoked that privilege. Soon into the set I realized he had no intentions of taking my trance away from me. Slow and steady Danny took over from Mir in a smooth and graceful transition that complimented the previous set so much that now I want to see these two together more! Danny moved into melodic trance, classic sound then brought it up to speed so that Canadian Bacon- er- Arnej could comfortably take over control.

No one has ever been accused of saying I don’t like the Coldharbour sound. Its well-known that it is my first true love, and that I am incredibly biased to it. So, it was no surprise that the moment Arnej walked into the building a decent amount of people felt the need to scream at me and make me aware. It’s about that time that I was able to truly identify what meaning the owners of Cielo were going for. Heaven. Heaven IS a paradise, Heaven is in the Sky and Heaven was here on earth at that very moment. Arnej did not start us out slowly, and thanks to Mir and Danny he didn’t need to. He could clearly see we were already at that ripe point in the night where we needed the Coldharbour bass lines and Arnej melodies. We went from new tunes, to old tunes to tunes that I’m not sure I could never ID. The crowd generally has at least one person trying to track each tune throughout the night, but I can tell you this night no one was busy trying to figure out what the remixes were. You would have thought we hadn’t heard a dirty bass line in years. It was like I was let out of jail, and had nothing to lose. The bass face and dancing was in full effect from every last one of us. I know a lot of people look to these reviews to read what tracks were played, what remixes were dropped and what mixing mishaps happened. Of that, I can tell you the mixing and track placement was perfect. I cannot tell you the tracks though. I was too busy enjoying it! Every single moment of driving sounds pounding into my head and soul. We were even graced with the presence of Arnej’s love, Shelly. When they both decided to take the decks our hearts grew at least a full inch. Then the music that came directly following that, made our souls and smile grow even larger as well!

There’s definitely something to be said about dropping everything, closing your eyes and just dancing to the music. I did this Sunday night at Cielo. The sound was remarkable, the tracks were beyond my greatest expectations and the crowd- while decent in size was grand enough to feel special but allow dancing. I could not have ended my fabulous birthday weekend any better: smothered in Canadian Bacon and Maple Syrup. Long Live Canada!

Thanks to all the amazing DJs, Trance.Here. Now, the great Cielo staff, event promoters and organizers. This one is one for the books!

Review by Samantha Scroxton

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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