In celebration of the rapid growth of EDM music we are looking for people to come join us in creating the biggest flash mob that the streets of New York have ever seen. By combining the spontaneous form of a flash mob with the passion and excitement of Electronic music, we can bring fans together as well as introduce people to the genre that we love so much.
On April 15th, 2012 Union Square will be the site of the most incredible gathering of EDM fans and flash mob enthusiasts bringing the energy of a club atmosphere to the public.
We have a lot planned for this including a live DJ, and a short coordinated dance routine, so we are looking for dedicated individuals to help with the planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
This is still in the planning stages so we are open to feedback from people who have great ideas about how this should go down. Here are some of the details we have already considered:
Not using radio-friendly dance music. We really want to expose some up and coming artists, this means that David Guetta is out! We are considering using Third Party, Knife Party, Matisse & Sadko, or Arty.
Our good friends Dj Gozzi and Dj Katnip (Dutch Music Producer) with CDJs to really show people what the live club experience can deliver. Creative dance routine that will grab everyone’s attention. This will require practice two weeks before the date of the event.
Making a mark on the city that we love, with the music that we love is part of the plan, so we sincerely hope that you’ll come join in the fun!
Again the date is April 15th, 2012 please contact us using the information below and get involved.
To stay up to date, add us on Facebook:
Tweet the event to get the words out: #EDMFLASHMOBNYC
Any emails regarding planning and participation please contact:

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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