The Eats Everything’s Vertigo EP on dirtybird Records will be released exclusively on Beatport October 17th, and will be available worldwide on October 30th, and who better to preview the two new original productions than the head bird, Claude VonStroke:
“Eats Everything, the big lad from Bristol, delivers two smashers just as big as his lovable personality. I’ve already seen both sides of this record devastate all kinds of rooms from DC10 to fabric to Warehouse Project. This is the kind of rare release that has support from DJs across the board. “Vertigo” is a pure gold nugget of acid artistry and “Trubble” is the filthy cousin who didn’t brush her teeth or change her pants for a week. If you’ve managed to catch Eats Everything live this year, you will have seen what all the fuss is about and if you were lucky enough to manage a chat with him, you will have seen why we all love this guy so much. It’s not so often that a record comes from such a lovable source and I expect this one to set a mark as one of the strongest points in his career.”

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