When fans hear that Dash Berlin is coming To New York City on a Thursday night it does not stop them from supporting the music that they love. The crowds entered Pacha to not only hear Dash Berlin, but also other DJ’s that night.

The night started off with checking out some locals in the basement including New York’s own Jay Kinard. There was a really good vibe and some good tunes. Many New York City trance lovers were out in full effect supporting the music they love.

When Dash Berlin came on I quickly went upstairs and was a bit disappointed at this point because he started off a bit too slow for my taste so I returned downstairs for a little longer. Both of the floors were playing vocal tracks but the DJ’s in the basement seemed to be playing at a higher beats per minute.

Finally when I return upstairs to my surprise things were picking up quite a bit. That was the point in the night where I felt that the night had just begun even though it was already 2:00 a.m. Dash played some fan favorites including “Till the Sky Falls Down” and he had the crowd going crazy. He got on top of the stage and greeted his fans. The crowd had their hands up in excitement dancing and yelling as the beat drops. He was waving his hands crazily too. He then returned to the decks. My friends and I were singing along.

Another nice old school track that he played was Faithless – Insomnia as the crowd sang “I Can’t Get No Sleep” The crowd started jumping up and down, and I heared so many fans yelling, and I saw so many smiles. The energy level was just so powerful. Then he played one of my favorite tracks by Armin Van Buuren entitled Not Giving Up On Love featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor and I was amazed that this was all going down on a Thursday night. At about 2:45 a.m. the dance floor is was really full of positive trance energy. While Dash was mixing Cosmic Gate’s Exploration of Space I swear it seemed like I saw the entire dance floor with their cameras or cell phones recording the moment.

Closing Pacha and taking over the decks after Dash was Victor Dinaire. Dash Berlin took this time to greet his fans. Victor continued the night by playing Trance while Dash Berlin fans lined up with big bright smiles to take some photos with him. A special thank you goes to Dash Berlin for trancing us out on September 22, 2011. Cheers, Peace, & EDM!

Written by Adrianna N. Tobar
Photo Credit: Shant Dosttur for


This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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