Bass Kleph’s ‘Going Crazy’ and
new Klephtomania Podcast now available

Bass Kleph is closing out a huge year with ‘Going Crazy,’ a new electro house banger that features the man himself on vocals. The exciting new single will be available from We Play records on December 27th, but you can hear a preview for it today.

Bass Kleph has also released his 13th Klephtomania podcast, and in his final show for the year he doesn’t hold anything back. The new podcast features special guest host Jim Frew and includes new tracks from Bass Kleph like ‘Going Crazy’ and the forthcoming single ‘Raise Up Lights’ which will be available January 6th from Megaton Records. The show also features music from co-host Jim Frew and new-comers Kamuki, whose tracks ‘The Drum’ and ‘Kush Ball’ are now available from Bass Kleph’s Vacation Records.

Going Crazy Preview

Klephtomania features special guest co-host Jim Frew

You can find Bass Kleph on the Web at:

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