Legendary EDM pioneer Paul Oakenfold closes what has been a truly epic year with a stunning box set compilation that documents not only the seasonal changes but also the evolution of his Four Seasons live tour, a tour that has been captivating fans worldwide over the last twelve months. The Four Seasons (Armada Music) concept was born from Oakenfold’s idea to create a series of mixes to represent each season. At any time of the year, now or in the future, owners of this album will have the perfect soundtrack to accompany their lives.
The first season, “Winter,” begins with the icy cool tones of an appropriately titled track, “La Aurora,” before seamlessly blending into John 00 Fleming’s “The Astrophysical Nebula” and then Yahel’s remix of Oakenfold’s own single with Robert Vadney “Pop Star”. This is a beautiful, melancholic 80-minute journey that reflects winter perfectly. Other tracks include “Amulet” from Matisse & Sadko, the absolutely huge Solarstone remix of his own vocal track with Alex Karweit, “Breakaway,” (which has been a huge anthem on the Four Seasons tour), the brand-new Orkidea remix of Paul van Dyk & Tilt’s Perfecto Records classic “Rendezvous,” and the breathtaking Thomas Datt remix of Oakenfold’s 2011 single, “Full Moon Party.”
“Spring” begins with a dark and industrial vibe emphasizing the end of “Winter.” The Prayag & Rishab remix of “All Good Things” almost immediately gives way to the driving Perfecto Fluoro monster, “Collective Insanity” from Reaky & Skaivox and the twisted vocal hit from Federation, “Black Tide.” In the same way that this season evolves from dark to light, Thomas Datt’s “It’s in The Past” begins the blossoming process, adding color and an uplifting melody. The journey continues with beautiful melodic pieces from Stereo Wildlife ft Kid Alaska, Nash & Pepper, and of course, Paul Oakenfold’s massive hit single, “Surrender.” Ending the mix is the astounding Eshericks remix of Future Funk Squad and Beatman & Ludmilla’s vocal anthem, “About to Fall.”
The most chillout of the Four Seasons, “Summer,” slows things down considerably, kicking off with the blissfully ambient “From The Earth,” a perfect opener from Anjunabeats genius Andrew Bayer. Smooth and uplifting with cascading, hypnotic melodies, “Summer” is the “round the pool” or “en route to a festival” soundtrack that we’ve been craving. One of Oakenfold’s latest favorites, Future Disciple, features on the mix no less than three times. Upon hearing the remix of Walsh & McAuley’s sublime vocal number, “Sail On The Waves,” one can see why. Other highlights include Swab & Joey Mova’s “Lux In Tenebris” ft Tyler Sherritt; Flesh & Bone’s remix of Poncho ft Paul Oakenfold & Maxxi Trusso’s “Please Me,” and the Dragon & Jontron remix of Felix Leiter ft Amanda Wilson’s “Dancin Dancin.” The mix ends with a track Oakenfold recently described as his “perfect summer
record,” a sultry number from 16 Bit Lolitas and Lucy Iris, “Na Na Nahana.”
For the final chapter, Oakenfold picks up the pace and gallops through a powerful 80-minute hit-list of full on Fluoro monsters. This is driving, tough, Goa-inspired trance the kind Paul Oakenfold has pioneered since its inception. Beginning with Yahel & Liya’s forthcoming vocal anthem, “Creatures,” the mix thunders through 18 driving, acid-infused tracks including 2nd Phase “Dragon Bomb,” Corderoy “Mechanical Tears,” and the massive Eshericks dubstep breaks remix of Brian Cameron’s “Serotonin Syndrome.” Discover Records’ Gary Maguire gives two stunning productions for the mix: a new single with Stereo Wildlife, “Always Different,” and a killer new remix of the Perfecto Records classic, “Bullet In The Gun.” Closing the album is Oakenfold’s brand-new single, “Come Together,” his incredibly hot remix of “Creatures,” and the latest remix of “Throwing Stones” from Eshericks.
Said Paul Oakenfold, “I wanted to make an album with four distinctly different mixes that each reflected the mood and vibe of the season they represented, so the Four Seasons concept was born. I wanted to create the perfect soundtrack to compliment whatever backdrop your life was set against. Putting these mixes together has been an epic experience. I hope you will have a similar experience from listening to them.”
CD1 – Winter
01 Dmitry Globa – La Aurora Boreal
02 John ’00’ Flemming – The Astrophysical Nebula
03 Paul Oakenfold ft Robert Vadney – Pop Star (Yahel Remix)
04 Matisse & Sadko – Amulet
05 Limbo – Paradox
06 Solarstone ft Alex Karweit – Breakaway (Solarstone’s Phuture Mix)
07 Talpa – The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
08 Aggresivnes – Futurasia (Blazer Remix)
09 Oakenfold ft Tamra Keenan – Maybe It’s Over (Organ Donors Perfecto Mix)
10 Tim Jirgenson – Get Ready
11 Protoculture – Liquid Logic (Nhato Remix)
12 Jerome Isma-Ae – Speed
13 Planet Perfecto Knights – ResuRection (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Mix)
14 Sean Truby & Craig Purvis – Beyond The Horizon
15 Federation – Innocent Desire (Pure Mix)
16 Lange ft Sarah Howells – Let It All Out
17 Tilt & Paul van Dyk – Rendezvous (Orkidea Remix)
18 Paul Oakenfold – Full Moon Party (Thomas Datt Remix)
19 Mike Danis – For You (Juventa Club Mix)
CD2 – Spring
01 Lost Stories – All Good Things (Prayag & Rishab Intro Mix)
02 Reaky & Skaivox – Collective Insanity
03 Nerso – Quantum
04 Federation – Black Tide
05 Thomas Datt – It’s In The Past
06 D-Mad – Forsheez (Eximinds Remix)
07 Paul Oakenfold feat. Robert Vadney – Pop Star (Eximinds Remix)
08 Gai Barone – Alicudi
09 Stereo Wildlife feat. Kid Alaska – Throwing Stones
10 Digital Breaks Foundation with Retroid – No Remorse (MDK Remix)
11 Nash & Pepper presents Ostrega – First Scream
12 Paul Oakenfold – Glow In The Dark
13 Magnus – The Chase
14 A.R.D.I. – Eternity (Mike Foyle Remix)
15 Paul Oakenfold ft J. Hart – Surrender (Protoculture Remix)
16 Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi – Azzura (Rafael Frost Remix)
17 Future Funk Squad and Beatman & Ludmilla ft Ben Keenan – About To Fall (Eshericks Remix)
CD3 – Summer
01 Andrew Bayer – From The Earth
02 Omauha – Extra (Alfoa Remix)
03 Walsh & McAuley – Sail On The Waves (Future Disciple Remix)
04 Benjani – Insane
05 Matvey Emerson – The Strangers
06 Swab & Joey Mova ft Tyler Sherritt – Lux In Tenebris (Vocal Mix)
07 Dominic Thomas – Flam
08 Mindaugas Jak ft Greta – Rytas
09 Max Hertzz – Whale Riderz (Retroid Remix)
10 Full Tilt – Class War
11 Justin Michael ft AJ from Saint Motel – Eyes Closed (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
12 Federation – Quiero (Future Disciple Remix)
13 Solarstone with Aly & Fila – Fireisland (Future Disciple Remix)
14 Felix Leiter ft Amanda Wilson – Dancin’ Dancin’ (You’re In Love) (Dragon & Jontron Remix)
15 Kenneth Thomas ft Colleen Riley – The Heart Speaks (Swab & Joey Mova Remix)
16 Justin Oh ft Remus – Getting Over You
17 Poncho ft Paul Oakenfold & Maxi Trusso – Please Me (Flesh & Bone Remix)
18 16 Bit Lolitas with Lucy Iris – Na Na Nahana
CD4 – Autumn
01 Yahel & Liya – Creatures
02 Symbolic & Sphera – One Step Closer
03 2nd Phase – Dragon Bomb
04 Ana Criado & Omnia – No One Home
05 Corderoy – Mechanical Tears (Club Dub)
06 Cold Blue – Atlantis
07 Wellenrausch – Shape Of Berlin (Enoh Remix)
08 Yahel & Tammy – Life Of Your Own (Darma Vox Mix)
09 Jason Knight – Deep Forest (Derek Ryan Remix)
10 Brian Cameron – Serotonin Syndrome (Eshericks Remix)
11 Gary Maguire & Stereo Wildlife – Always Different
12 Rospy – Flying Time (John Dopping Alignment Mix)
13 Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun (Gary Maguire Remix)
14 Mac & Monday – Yoruba
15 Second Sine – Ipanema Girls
16 Paul Oakenfold – Come Together
17 Digital Basement – Audio Madness (Vlind Remix)
18 Yahel & Liya – Creatures (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
19 Stereo Wildlife ft Kid Alaska – Throwing Stones (Eshericks Remix)
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