7 Entrepreneurs Who Weren’t Millionaires Until They Were In Their 40’s

7. Khanyia Dhlomo

After working for several years at Africa’s largest news station and serving as an editor for a beloved women’s magazine, Dhlomo honed her skills. When she launched Ndalo Media back in 2007, a hub for lifestyle publications that are featured on South African Airways, she really struck it big. She credits her earlier life experiences, such as managing a business in France and attending Harvard’s prestigious MBA program, with helping lay the foundation for her success.

In the world of entrepreneurship, age really is just a number. Scott Adams, the creator of the cartoon strip Dilbert, says the more often you try, the more chance for success you’ll have. That means the 40s can be a golden age for entrepreneurship. There’s no exact recipe for success, and many entrepreneurs who take quite a few swings at success eventually get what they are after.


Khanyia Dhlomo